QUICK QUOTES: Angelina Love on her toughest opponent, preparing for Full Metal Mayhem, The Beautiful People

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Angelina Love was recently interviewed by The Rack Radio Show and talked about The Beautiful People, the evolution of her character, and more. Here are the highlights they sent along:

On her recent character evolution:

“The Beautiful people was very showy, very Mean Girl type of thing. This is more violence. So as vicious as I was as Angelina Love, leading the Beautiful People, this isn’t as fluffy or as showy. This is more sexual, more violent. It’s a more adult version of what I’ve done before.”

If she is enjoying her current rivalry with Alishia and Eddie Edwards:

“Emotionally it’s difficult because it’s personal, but I think that’s something that draws the fans in. It’s not something some random thing thrown together for some random reason. This is very real. There’s a ton of personal emotion behind it. I think it’s something different, and I think that’s what making people be really interested in it. Best friends, better rivals.”

On preparing for Full Metal Mayhem:

“Talk to my husband. I’m all about stepping out of my comfort zone, doing things outside the box. This is definitely something that’s outside the box. When I did the Last Knockouts Standing against Gail, at Hardcore Justice in 2014; that was definitely something that was outside my norm. But I really enjoyed that, because I like to be tested. This is really exciting, because it’s maximum emotion with the maximum violence playing into how this feud is going. In wrestling you have to do something different and there hasn’t been an inter-gender Full Metal Mayhem Match before. I’ve never done anything Full Metal Mayhem, I’m sure Alishia hasn’t either. So I have to study, I have to learn from my husband. I have to listen and absorb what he knows, because he’s done this before. I look forward to it. It’s going to be brutal. It’s going to be awesome, everyone needs to watch this match.”

Going for a seventh reign as Knockouts Champion:

“I would love too, absolutely. I’m a record setter and nobodies won it seven times. I would absolutely love to do that. There are a lot of girls in the division that I’ve actually wrestled before. I’ve kind of stepped in to do their thing. I always have to remind all of my peers who runs things around here.”

Wrestling Rosemary:

“I’ve actually never wrestled Rosemary before. I like the idea of the creepy vs the violent. I think that would be really cool. That would be fun. Another would be Laurel, if she can ever stop hitting the bottle. I’m sure we could do something there as well. I think I could definitely have some fun with Rosemary.”

On the Beautiful People:

“I think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as we know. It’s cool because you can be protective of your thing, it’s your baby. It’s who you are, it’s what you do. It is flattering because if people are imitating it, it’s because they like it. They think it works, so they want to try to use it for themselves. It helps to have something that works. It was fun, it was entertaining. I’m sure I was a little girl, or somebody else watching the show and saw it, that I would want to be a part of it. It’s definitely a flattering thing, but Velvet, Madison and I worked our butts off. We made that a very historic all girl stable. Nobody can take that away from us. That’s something I’m so incredibly proud of. It’s not an insult for somebody to want to do something like that to. There’s only one original.”

“The Knockouts division was just starting, so there was this whole huge revolution with women’s wrestling at that time. The Knockouts division was becoming a really big thing. Velvet and I knew we wanted to do something different. Every other girl in the division was doing the singular one person character. We had similar personalities, similar sense of humor, similar sense of sarcasm. We dressed similarly in the ring. We loved to be dolled up and all that kind of stuff. We traveled together on the road, we were extremely close. We were like, we should do something together. Everybody else is doing their own thing, what about us doing a tag team, a stable or something. We pitched it and they let us try it and then gave us the ball and let us run with it. We were really grateful for that. It was the most fun time I’ve had in wrestling.

Her favorite women to face during her Impact Wrestling career:

“I feel like every girl has brought out something different in me. Kong for instance, was one of my favorite people to feud with.”

“Taylor Wilde, we trained together at Squared Circle in Toronto, under Rob Fuego. Being able to go on the road and do house shows together and PPVs. We did everything against each other and it’s so cool because it was two girls who came from a training school in Toronto. We were in WWE developmental together as well.”

“Gail always makes me step up my game.”

“When I got released from WWE, I remember doing an interview and they asked me who did you not get a chance to wrestle, that you wanted too in WWE and my answer was Trish and Victoria. I was her first feud when she came to TNA, so that was really fun.”

“The hardest one was against Velvet, because I questioned if that was something people really wanted to see. They liked us together and it was personally hard as well.”

“I feel like feuding with all these different people brought all different kinds of aspects for me. I like everybody in their own right.”

For the full interview with Angelina Love, check out The Rack Radio Show

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