QUICK QUOTES: Cody Rhodes planning to get the “Rhodes” name back, reffing Abdullah the Butcher matches as a teenager

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Cody Rhodes was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated and talked about getting ready to “settle down” with one promotion, as well as losing the “Rhodes” name and his time as a ref. Here are some of the highlights:

Recalling his time as a referee at indy shows as a teenager:

“I was also never allowed to referee any of my father’s matches. My dad had a habit of giving me the Abdullah the Butcher matches, as well as the ones with tables and chairs – basically the matches that went all over the building. I was so terrified of Abdullah the Butcher, and I reffed one of his matches where the culmination of the match was Abdullah fighting his opponent into the ring truck, and Abdullah slamming the doors and then being the only one to emerge. I just remember raising his hand. No actual words were exchanged between us, ever.”

Creating his own legacy in the business:

“When I’m brainstorming, I always remind myself, ‘Hey, it’s not about him.’ My dad hated being trudged up. I dragged him to Sacramento to get in the ring with Rey, and I promised I’d have WWE pay him double to come and do anything when we did Stardust vs. Goldust. I can remember him telling me that the last thing he really wanted on his resume was what we did at Battleground in 2013. With that in mind, I try very much to remember and do me.”

His thoughts on not being able to use the “Rhodes” name: 

“I’ll tell you this, and I’ve not told anyone this, but I don’t mind that WWE took away my last name. Deep down, in my bones, I definitely want it back – and I have plans to get it back – but there is something to being Cody. The longer I don’t have a last name, the more I’m OK with it. That’s not to say WWE is holding it ransom. It’s literally an intellectual property law that easily can be remedied, but there is something about being Cody that I don’t mind.”

To read the full interview, click here.

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