QUICK QUOTES: Jim Cornette reveals whether he likes Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, which indy star is an “idiot”

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Jim Cornette recently joined The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, and talked about the belief that he doesn’t like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, as well as Kane running for mayor. Here are some of the highlights they sent along:

The perception that he does not like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn:

“Once again everyone said that Cornette must be hanging himself in his closet and slitting his wrist because they are so successful. Which is ridiculous. Kevin Steen (Owens) and El Generico (Sami Zayn) were both pains in the asses to deal with. It was the 80/20 principle where you spend 80% of your time dealing with 20% of your talent’s problems. Part of it is that they are French Canadian and I’m sorry but French Canadians in wrestling have always been pains in the ass except for Pat Patterson. But part of it was we are paying them to play professional athletes on television so Steen, we’d like you to lose some weight, f**king buy some new clothes and f**king trim your beard up and look a little neater. El Generico, a television company has just bought the promotion you work for so we’d like you to be able to do interviews instead of being a mute and we’d like you to take the God damn mask off ( I didn’t even broach that with him) because OH MY GOD it would have been like I sodomized his f**king mother if I would have said take the mask off. But you’ve got a French Canadian Muslim with red hair trying to play a Luchador and nobody understood it.”

“When people that are paying you ask you to do and get along a little better and son of a gun we just found out that Ring of Honor wasn’t paying them enough money because when somebody comes along and pays them more money they do what we asked them to do and as a result they are tremendously successful. I never said that they were f**king horrible wrestlers. We made Steen the World Champion for a f**king year, we tried to sign Generico to another contract but that is when he had the WWE sniffing around him so he wouldn’t do it so we didn’t use him. Everybody said “oh God damn” Cornette has run these guys off…well no. I just wanted them to be more accessible to a wider audience. Now when they have done everything I had asked them to do they are now superstars, imagine that? Wouldn’t you know who won the pony.”

“I never said that (once again) they were bad wrestlers and they couldn’t get over. I said they ain’t getting over unless they do certain things and tweak what they’ve already got. They’ve done that and they have been successful. They’ve never embarrassed the business by beating up grade school children or having matches with blow up dolls. Kenny Omega (I’ve said this about him) I don’t care if he discovers the cure for cancer in his spare time, brings Lou Thesz back from the grave and stretches him in a shoot..he is still a piece of s**t that should never be in the business because he had matches with nine-year-old girls and blow up dolls. I don’t care how good he is. I don’t have any time for him, don’t want to look at him, don’t want to hear about him and if I had complete control over pro wrestling I would have Dan Severn go and beat the f**k out of him and leave him laying in a f**king ditch.

Why he still has such strong feelings about the wrestling business and how comedy spots hurt the industry:

“He (Omega) embarrassed his profession and he embarrassed everybody that has ever been in it. Steen and Generico never did that. They just had misguided ideas of the facets of their gimmicks and their personalities. They didn’t do phony spots with their d**k like that f**king idiot Joey Ryan. He just blatantly does phony bulls**t because he is an underneath guy that doesn’t have the talent to compete with the major main event level wrestlers so he does this s**t to get attention. Everybody says that Cornette says all that stuff because he wants people to listen to his podcast and how can he take wrestling that seriously. Well I do! I’ve made several million dollars off of wrestling and not only because it has been my profession but it has been my favorite thing in life as a hobby since I was nine-years-old. So yeah I do take it that seriously and Joey Ryan is an embarrassment to it and so is Kenny Omega. At least Omega has a job on top and Joey Ryan is still working “outlaw” shows in front of 400 people shaking his d**k because that is all he can do.”

Glenn Jacobs being a positive asset to wrestling and his run for Mayor of Knox County, TN:

“Glenn has lived in Knoxville now since 1995. He’s been one of the guys in the WWE that when you talk about somebody that has never brought bad publicity on the company, has always been reliable, has no bad habits, has produced in the ring, drawn huge money and as JR refers to it he was in the seven-figure club making over a million dollars a year for a number of years in the WWF. Now that he is winding down his wrestling career and he owns an insurance agency down there, he’s involved with the community and I don’t know that we agree politically because he is a Libertarian and I am a Socialist Democrat and am about as close to Bernie Sanders as you can be in terms of my political beliefs but Glenn Jacobs is a great human being and old Mayor Burchett is term limited down there in Knoxville and he’s out, so now the spot is open and Glenn is running and I wouldn’t put it past him to win it. I don’t care what are his political beliefs I know that Glenn is an honest and a well-meaning guy who would do the best that he could at the job and I’m pulling for him.”

To listen to the full interview, click here.

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