QUICK QUOTES: Joe Koff on what separates ROH from WWE, letting talent wrestle in NJPW

Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff was recently interviewed by The Wrap. He talked about why he doesn’t actually perceive WWE as rivals and allowing ROH talent to wrestle in New Japan. Here are the highlights:

Whether WWE is competition:

“We’re in the same space, because they do wrestling and I do wrestling. They have a televised product and I do. They do live shows and I do live shows — I guess we’re competitors. But, you know what? I never looked at Ring of Honor as that. We were never going to be the WWE — that’s their business. [ROH] is just a part of a greater business. I could never get to their scale or their size… [WWE] is not a new company. This is a very mature, well-developed [brand] — in its now-third generation. We could call them a 40-year-old overnight success, I guess.”

What separates ROH from WWE:

“We do our talking in the ring. They consider themselves sports entertainment, we consider ourselves an entertaining sport.”

Allowing ROH talent to also wrestle for NJPW:

“When they meld the two schedules together — and the two income opportunities — it’s probably competitive. And without the grind.”

For more, check out the full interview at The Wrap.

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