QUICK QUOTES: Vickie Guerrero on her favorite storylines, Eddie’s lasting legacy, which current wrestlers she’d most want to work with

Vickie Guerrero was recently interviewed by The Memorabilia Guy on her career in WWE, her favorite storylines and more. Here are the highlights:

Her favorite angles in WWE:

“To work with Edge, during the storyline of being married to him, was so much fun. Working with the Undertaker was amazing as he was a superstar that was so much higher than me and I really looked up to him. To have the opportunity to work with him left me in awe. Also to work with the McMahons was amazing, not too many people can say they had a promo in the ring with them, it was so much fun. Dolph Ziggler was a riot – he is hilarious. There were also the girls like Michelle McCool and that whole LayCool storyline. It was such fun times.”

Her thoughts on Eddie Guerrero’s lasting legacy:

“I think the reason that Eddie has stayed with so many people after his passing is because he proved to the fans and everyone that he was a human being. He had faults, he also had demons, but he worked all by himself to get to the top of the roster. He was very true to his feelings and was honest with everyone, it showed so much character. Fans often approach me explaining that they went through similar issues Eddie went through and he helped them. He had so much character and dignity.”

Which wrestlers she’d most like to work with on the current roster:

“I look at Enzo and Cass, I love them so much, I laugh every time they come out. They have great energy and I’d love to work with them. Also the girls like Alexa Bliss, Charlotte, and Bayley. I would love to be part of their storylines as a general manager, I’d take away the belt and give it to someone else. I mean that was my job, I was supposed to piss people off.”

For the full interview, check out The Memorabilia Guy.

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