QUICK QUOTES: A.J. Lee talks life after wrestling, why she decided to write a book, if she’s working on a second one

A.J. Lee recently took part in a Tumblr Answer Time to promote her new book “Crazy Is My Superpower.” Here are some of the highlights from the fan questions she received:

How life has changed after wrestling:

I sleep. Damn do I sleep. Also I’m about fifteen pounds heavier because donuts. Do you know about donuts? Donuts.

How the idea to write her book came up:

I am a painfully private person, so though it was a lifelong goal I was not sure I’d actually go through with it. I believe what you put out into the world no longer belongs to you, and that was scary. But what I realized was I no longer need to hold onto this baggage, take it world! Sorry it’s so heavy! It really was the best way I could let go of my past and start my next chapter. Pun entirely intended.

If she’s working on a second book:

I am working on my second book right now actually. Not literally because I am incapable of multitasking that impressively, but it’s happening. I want to discuss the methods I use to gain and keep control over my mental health, and the many MANY mistakes I have made. I fuck up so you don’t have to! Oh and I promise it won’t take two years this time! Stay tuned!

For the full Q and A session, check out Tumblr Answer Time.

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