QUICK QUOTES: Alberto El Patron on having “real beef” with some people in WWE, joining Impact, the business having a monopoly

Alberto Del Rio (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)

Alberto El Patron was recently interviewed by Justin Barrasso with Sports Illustrated. He talked about his run on Impact, WWE’s monopoly on the business, and more. Here are the highlights:

If he’s happy he joined Impact:

“I am so happy to work with Impact Wrestling. I have nothing but respect for them. Unlike another company, who I don’t watch, I don’t follow, and I don’t even look at their tweets. I have some real beef with some of the people in that company.

It’s rare to find someone with Bobby’s size and athleticism. He’s a fantastic performer and he is such a huge guy. He has a great psychology in the ring, the chemistry was there the moment the bell ring rang, and it was a great experience working with him. I am very happy to work with Impact and talent like Bobby.”

If it’s healthy for the industry to have one company much stronger than the rest:

“It’s horrible for the business, but you cannot blame that company. That company is doing what a company is supposed to do—monopolize, get the best talent from everywhere, and try to destroy the competition. They’re smart, you cannot blame them. The problem is with the talent. Just going there to be there with the promise of being on TV, but not even charging good money for your work, is not good business. We as wrestlers need to remember that this is a business. We started because we love the business and we stay in it because we have a lot of passion for it, but you have to be rewarded for your work. I was there and saw some of the main guys, new top heels and new top babyfaces, get paid nothing for their matches. The new talent joining NXT is taking pay cuts to work there, sometimes even 80 percent less. You need to be rewarded for your work in a business.”

For the full interview, check out Sports Illustrated.

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