QUICK QUOTES: Matt Sydal on joining Impact Wrestling, why he’s the best Cruiserweight wrestler, the present state of professional wrestling

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Matt Sydal (the former Evan Bourne) was interviewed by Chris Van Vliet on his YouTube channel. He talked about a variety of wrestling subjects. Here are the highlights they sent along:

On his deal with Impact Wrestling:

“I do work for Impact wrestling but I’m just a straight up freelance agent in wrestling. I can work for anybody at any time. Basically every company calls me up.”

The present state of professional wrestling:

“The wrestling scene is on fire. I started feeling it 3 years ago and I could have told you that you better stay tuned because wrestling was about to get that boom again just like we had in 1997 when it got real. Wrestling has become its own thing separate from what it was in the past and now when people think of pro wrestlers they don’t think of Hulk Hogan, they’re thinking of guys like me. When you say what does a pro wrestler look like, this is what a pro wrestler looks like in this day and age.”

Why he says he’s the best Cruiserweight Wrestler:

“I’m the best Crusierweight, X Division, Junior Heavyweight wrestler whatever you want to call it. The way that everybody tries to put their matches on, they’re basically just trying to do what I do. It’s as simple as that. I was just lucky to be there ahead of the curve to be the driving force behind bringing this amazing style of wrestling from Japan that combined Lucha Libre, American professional wrestling, Canadian professional wrestling and Japanese wrestling all into one beautiful mix that fans worldwide absolutely can’t get enough of.”

On his time with WWE:

“You guys have no idea what it’s like to walk in there. I’m 24-years old and the wizards of wrestling are all in front of me and you can ask them any question you want and they’ll just give you free advice. The business is so different from when I began to now that it’s important for me to take a look at the business today and think about how I want to be today as opposed to carrying any momentum from the past.”

For the full interview with Matt Sydal, check out Chris Van Vliet’s YouTube channel. It’s an…interesting watch. 

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