QUICK QUOTES: Scott D’Amore on why Impact Wrestling changed to GFW, if he’s currently on the writing team

Scott D’Amore was recently interviewed by The Hannibal TV and talked about his behind-the-scenes role in GFW and why they renamed the promotion. Here are the highlights:

Why they renamed Impact Wrestling to GFW:

“Impact is a brand name. It will continue to be the name of our flagship show and you can think of Global Force Wrestling, or GFW, as the sanctioning body per se. We’re the National Wrestling Alliance and the TV show is Championship Wrestling From Florida…but that’s kind of the idea so you’ll see GFW Impact, you’ll see GFW Xplosion, which is our syndicated show that I think airs in 60-plus markets around the world. We’ve unified the championships, and I think it’s a great way of combining the two and showing that we have a fresh new era.”

If he’s on the writing team now:

“Yeah, I mean, I was a part of the writing team off-and-on for a few years and then from early 2005, the end of the Dusty Rhodes era and with the launch on Spike TV, I headed up the creative committee at that time with like Mike Tenay, Jeremy Borash, Dutch Mantell, and all that. And we had a great run. Dave Meltzer says it was the best period, and who would ever argue with Dave Meltzer?…then I got away from that, I think it was at the end of ’06 or early ’07 and stayed on as a producer for a few years. Now I’m back and part of the booking team. We’ve got a great group there and I think we’re trying to highlight wrestling but also tell compelling, entertaining storylines.”

For the full interview with Scott D’Amore, check out The Hannibal TV. 

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