QUICK QUOTES: Low Ki on Randy Orton’s tweets, his problems with the past management team in Impact, why he didn’t find success in WWE

Low Ki NJPW interview
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Low Ki was recently interviewed by the Mirror and talked about his return to Impact, Randy Orton’s comments on Twitter, his problems with the past management team, and more. Here are the highlights:

How he returned to Impact:

“It was a contact made by Sonjay Dutt, who I’ve had a long-standing positive working relationship with. I’ve always been productive in the sense of my participation in TNA and I’ve always had a place for them because they’ve always had a place for me. This was under new management, my beef was with the old management and to me business always moves forward. I don’t deal with things from a personal standpoint – it’s strictly business. So as long as the problems were gone, I was more than willing to venture off into this next business relationship with IMPACT.”

If his issues were with Dixie Carter and the old management team:

“Yeah it was terrible. It was quite apparent how mismanaged everything was, especially with the way Samoa Joe had left the company under really bad terms. And it wasn’t his fault, it was managerial issues. When your leadership is that unbalanced or that unhealthy, it’s a big problem for the company. They had been making mistakes for far too long, costly mistakes, and that eventually came to a head, which forced the changes we see today.”

Why his hard work and professionalism didn’t lead to success in WWE:

“Because that’s not what exists there. It’s that simple. Because it’s an older guard, an older generation mentality of how the company should be operated. Vince McMahon has his way because it’s his company. Triple H is now coming up underneath him with control and it seems like there’s a bit of a struggle going on with power, because Vince will want to see one thing, Triple H will want to see another thing, so there is going to be an internal conflict on how things can be managed and maintained. But in all fairness at least Triple H was a wrestler, so he seems to have some more sensitivity to his performers and the people who are going to make him money. Whereas Vince, it was a different generation, a different attitude and a different way of doing business, so there will be a conflict between the two perceptions of how to approach this. If this is Vince’s baby he’s not going to give this up without a fight. Which would be reasonable to anyone in a similar position to him.

As far as why I didn’t achieve the same level of success – I’m not intimidated by anybody. They get off on that up there. They like the posturing, they like the arrogance, they like the in your face, larger than life. Where I come from, that is showing a sign of weakness because you’re projecting. So to me it’s ‘okay, this just wasn’t a good fit’. They made it clear when I got there that I wasn’t welcome. Everything was literally seen on television. Even after me winning NXT, getting jumped by seven other guys, that wasn’t scripted, that wasn’t even told to me that was going to happen, so I literally got jumped on national television and was not allowed to do anything. The reason I didn’t succeed there wasn’t because I wasn’t professional, I maintained everything I was required to do as a professional. And yet I was still treated poorly. That was clear to see.”

His thoughts on Randy Orton’s tweet:

“Well it was just a misinformed position. He has no experience outside the confines of the company. He is in a protected environment and the status that he holds within that environment is well protected because he is an investment to the company, they can’t afford to lose him. He can get away with a lot more than others can. But in his position, it’s simply irresponsible for him to open his mouth in that manner, whether it’s for an angle or not, it’s just irresponsible because he is in an environment full of men and women who have done that. He’s in an environment where men and women have suffered through long hours, getting shorted on their pay, emergency visits, really just being run into the ground and taken advantage of by promoters and now that they are there, now you have one of the top level guys mouthing off and berating them.

That is just an unfortunate position to be in, because he’s never been outside. That is why I told him, unfortunately you are in a protected environment, come and test your tantrum in the real world with adults. Because you can make $5m dollars, where I come from, you’re boasting about your money, not everybody has money and if you mouth off too much, somebody is going to want to come and take some of that money of yours. I’m not saying I would, but that is irresponsible boastfulness from somebody in a toxic environment for an extremely long time, who has been coddled and protected, despite the fact he has done bad things. People who are in a lower standing than him, if they were to do half the stuff he has done, they would be fired.”

For the full interview, check out the Mirror

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