Road Warrior Animal Talks Death Of Rick Rude, ODB Doesn’t Miss Old Impact Management Team

The Hannibal TV released a clip on their Youtube channel of Road Warrior Animal addressing rumors as to whether he think his long-time friend Rick Rude overdosed on purpose.

“You know, I’ve known Rude since high school man. You know what? That wouldn’t surprise me. I don’t think he did that, but I knew Rude had a little bit of a depression problem. And for the way he looked…he was always ripped up and looked good, had actually had a little bit of a self-conscious issue. He was always wondering how he looked and how he was, so that comment doesn’t really surprise me. I know for a fact, because I knew Rick Rude really well, yeah, he liked to smoke a lot, right? But he did…he was, a Percocet guy. I knew that for sure. I think that’s one of the drugs he Od’d on. I never read the toxicology, so I don’t know exactly what he died from.”

To check out the video in its entirety, click on this link.

In another video released by Hannibal TV, newly-returned Impact Knockout ODB was interviewed by David Penzer about the new management changes in Impact. She was very blunt in her answer:

“I love it. I’m glad the old management is out. Yeah, I said it.”

Check out the full interview here.

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