QUICK QUOTES: Road Warrior Animal on why he thinks the Demolition feud was so short, teaming with The Ultimate Warrior

Road Warrior Animal was recently interviewed by The Hannibal TV and talked about Demolition and The Ultimate Warrior. Here are the highlights.

Why the Demolition and Legion of Doom feud was so short:

“Well I think, and I can’t speak fo Vince, I think in their mind, ‘We got the real McCoy. Time to squish the imposter.’ That’s what I think they were thinking, that the fans weren’t going to buy a long angle. Me, myself, I think we probably could have worked two years out of that thing and drug it out. Cage matches, scaffold, whatever we wanted to do. They just didn’t want to do it.”

In response to Demolition saying they didn’t like the Legion of Doom matches involving The Ultimate Warrior:

“Oh, who wouldn’t? Poor Demolition had to get killed by one guy pretty much. Here we are, making each other look good, and the Warrior comes in and kills everybody. And when he does his finish, he’s doing our move, press slam, drop behind, clothesline, splash.”

If he got along with Warrior:

“Hawk and I always got along good with Warrior.”

For the full interview, check out The Hannibal TV.

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