PODCAST REVIEW: What A Rush Podcast with Road Warrior Animal, Joe Laurinaitis

December 15, 2017

By: Jeff Rush, PWPodcast Assistant Editor DIRECT LINK TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD We’re two episodes into the What A Rush podcast hosted by Joe Laurinitus, AKA Road Warrior Animal, and I feel as though the show has yet to tap into its full potential. The format doesn’t appear to follow any sort of template. Week one was a brief “Get to know […]

Killing the Town/Storm & Cyrus

QUICK QUOTES: Bret Hart remembers Road Warrior Hawk

October 19, 2017

Killing the Town with Storm and Cyrus dedicated this week’s episode to Michael Hegstrand, AKA Road Warrior Hawk on the fourteenth anniversary of his passing. Several guests were interviewed, including Bret Hart: Regarding the only times they wrestled each other: “We actually had one match with Hawk and Animal. I remember Hawk kind of got a little messed up and […]


QUICK QUOTES: Road Warrior Animal on why he thinks the Demolition feud was so short, teaming with The Ultimate Warrior

May 12, 2017

Road Warrior Animal was recently interviewed by The Hannibal TV and talked about Demolition and The Ultimate Warrior. Here are the highlights. Why the Demolition and Legion of Doom feud was so short: “Well I think, and I can’t speak fo Vince, I think in their mind, ‘We got the real McCoy. Time to squish the imposter.’ That’s what I think […]


QUICK QUOTES: Road Warrior Animal on why Sunny’s run in the Legion of Doom was so short

April 24, 2017

The Hannibal TV recently interviewed Road Warrior Animal on their YouTube channel. In the latest installment, he talked about Sunny’s short time managing the group. Here are the highlights: What it was like having Sunny as a manager:  “I think it was a very, very delicate situation. Because Sunny had issues too and everybody knew it. Hawk and I, besides […]


QUICK QUOTES: Road Warrior Animal talks who would win in a shoot fight against The Steiners, pantsing a wrestling legend

April 19, 2017

Road Warrior Animal was recently interviewed by The Hannibal TV. Here are some of the highlights from their latest clip: Animal’s response to Scott Steiner believing The Steiner Brothers would beat the Road Warriors in a shoot fight due to their amateur skills: “Oh bulls**t. They would go for a single-leg and they’d be knocked out. Soon as you dive, […]