QUICK QUOTES: Road Warrior Animal on why Sunny’s run in the Legion of Doom was so short

The Hannibal TV recently interviewed Road Warrior Animal on their YouTube channel. In the latest installment, he talked about Sunny’s short time managing the group. Here are the highlights:

What it was like having Sunny as a manager: 

“I think it was a very, very delicate situation. Because Sunny had issues too and everybody knew it. Hawk and I, besides Paul Ellering, we didn’t need no other manager and especially, nobody’s going to believe a girl is able to control the Road Warriors. And Sunny in Madison Square Garden one night, the first night she was with us, was walking around all Soma’d up, which is a muscle relaxer pill. I told her, ‘do not get in the way of my spikes’, because we’re flipping around the ring so hard and my big spikes came and gave her a hairline scratch on the cheek. I came back after the match and Vince McMahon says, ‘she messed up.’ I nodded ‘yes.’ I’m not going to lie, you can see it on tape. Sold out, 22,000 seat arena, everyone could see it, and boom, she was gone.”

His thoughts on her career in adult films: 

“She was with Chris Candido, she was really, back then, a sweet girl with Chris. When I first met her she was sweet. I hate to see anybody to have to turn to that to make money. I actually feel sorry for her, because it’s really embarrassing crap. I mean, let’s face it, really embarrassing stuff.”

For more, check out the full clip of Road Warrior Animal’s interview.

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