QUICK QUOTES: Road Warrior Animal talks who would win in a shoot fight against The Steiners, pantsing a wrestling legend

Road Warrior Animal was recently interviewed by The Hannibal TV. Here are some of the highlights from their latest clip:

Animal’s response to Scott Steiner believing The Steiner Brothers would beat the Road Warriors in a shoot fight due to their amateur skills:

“Oh bulls**t. They would go for a single-leg and they’d be knocked out. Soon as you dive, you punch down on the back of the head. Listen, just because Hawk and I were street guys, doesn’t mean that I didn’t do amateur wrestling when I was younger. Now was I at the level of Scotty or Rick at wrestling? Amateur wrestling-wise they would kill us, Scotty’s right. But if it’s real, I’m not going sit there and let a guy go leg-dive me. I’m either going to kick him in the face, or punch him in the head and so would Hawk. So a street fighter, any day of the week, you can see…look at UFC, a lot of guys that went in are not wrestlers…The Steiner Brothers are two great guys, man. I have nothing bad to ever say about either one of them.”

Pulling down the pants of AWA owner Verne Gagne at a TV taping while The Steiners watched on:

“I remember pantsing Verne Gagne. I was a rookie. I remember nobody at that time talked back to Verne Gagne. He was like the God of the AWA and the wrestling world. Olympic wrestler, All-American at Minnesota, and everything else. He’s talking for like half-an-hour, and we’re all waiting around to do interviews, we’re really bored and I walked up to him and I pantsed him, and bring his pants down all the way down to his ankles. Steiner lost it, Couldn’t believe that someone would do that. I look back and go ‘What is he going to do? Fire us?'”

To check out the full interview, click here:

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