QUICK QUOTES: Heidenreich reveals what it was like playing on the same NFL team as Goldberg

Former WWE wrestler Jon Heidenreich was recently interviewed by The Hannibal TV. He talked about his experience of being a former teammate of Goldberg’s, and if he thinks the wrestler will continue to stay involved in the business. Here are the highlights:

His memories of playing on the same NFL team as Goldberg:

“He was a D-Lineman, and I was offense, so we used to headbutt going against each other in drills. He was a tough guy, a really good football player. He bounced around several NFL teams, he had a lot of injuries, on his shoulder, and injury problems that slowed him down. He was tough. Tough as they come, and a really good guy.”

His thoughts on Goldberg’s return to wrestling:

“I think it’s great. He’s always been super nice, down to earth guy. And I think he’s good for wrestling. His character…he’s always represented himself in wrestling well. I’ve never seen or heard anything negative from him. And I love him as a personal friend. It’s good to see him do so well.”

If he thinks Goldberg will stick around WWE:

“They say he wants to wrestle, he has a young son you know. That’s a big deal. I think he will. He’s in tremendous shape and he hasn’t had too many injury problems. So yeah, I could see him staying for a few more years.”

Heidenreich also talked about his time in the CFL, his  NFL struggles and more. To check out the full interview, click here.

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