QUICK QUOTES: Goldberg on how his spear compares to Roman Reigns’, the terms of his original WWE contract, will he ever return to the ring?

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Chris Van Vliet recently interviwed Goldberg about a variety of wrestling subjects. Here are the highlights that were sent along:

How Roman Reigns’ spear compares to his:

“I’m just saying that he went to Georgia Tech and I went to Georgia. They teach you how to tackle people at Georgia, hence them maybe playing for the National Championship this year. At the end of the day, the football tackle is something for me that you can alter it a bit, but people come to see me run people over. And if that’s my true trademark move, then I’m going to do it better than anybody and I’m sorry but I played pro football for a little while and I think I know how to tackle somebody. So if I can’t do that move, then there’s a lot wrong with my background. I try to accelerate in the last couple of steps.”

The terms of his contract with WWE:

“I only agreed to come back for one match originally. And I was actually going to lose that match to Brock. The night before they came to the conclusion that it might be good for me to stick around for a little while for a couple of reasons and the rest is kind of history.”

On a possible WWE return:

“You never know. You really don’t. I ain’t dead yet and I ain’t even close. So as long as I’ve got two arms and two legs and I can still do my thing, never say never.”

Would he let his son train to be a WWE Superstar:

“Next question”

His thoughts on him and Brock Lesnar getting booed out of the building at WrestleMania 20:

“The fans turned on us and as well they should have because why are they going to cheer for two guys who are out the door the next day. So there was something in the back of our minds but redeeming ourselves was not something that we ever spoke about. We knew as monsters that we did not get the reaction that we would have wanted to. The reality is if you look at the match, it was a good match. But it could have been the best match in the world that went on for an hour and people still would have hated it because of the circumstances.”

For the full interview with Goldberg, check out Chris Van Vliet’s YouTube channel. 

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