QUICK QUOTES: Al Snow on possible WWE return, bullying in wrestling, society becoming “too soft”

Al Snow was recently interviewed by Memorabilia Guy, and gave his in-depth thoughts on bullying in wrestling, and talked about a potential WWE return. Here are the highlights:

What’s your relationship like with WWE? And is there any possibility of a return?

“As far as I know, I have no issues with WWE at all. I have nothing but gratitude and graciousness as far as WWE and Vince McMahon. If it weren’t for the opportunities I was given, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

I hope so, that would be fun. That’d be nice to go back and contribute to WWE in some fashion. I know that I would understand and appreciate and respect more the opportunity if I were to get it. And it’d be wonderful.”

What’s your perspective on the current issues of Bullying in Wrestling?

“I don’t even know where to start. It’s nowhere near like what it used to be. I’ll speak about that. I’ve never truly done that – I’ve never truly bullied anyone, and don’t condone or appreciate people if they do.

When I got into professional wrestling, in 1982, the business was propagated with wrestlers who were tough, grown men…Basically, the older wrestlers would constantly test you, and initially they would test you physically, to see if they could crack you, or break you, and send you home. And then they would do it mentally and emotionally, on a pretty regular basis – just so you had to earn your spot in the locker room, for a very long time…

I’m not condoning or excusing or anything like that, but it’s a pretty tough business. That being said, I know that to some degree that still goes on and if you’re going to get into this type of environment, you have to be, whether it’s overt bullying, or subverted bullying, it’s still bullying, and you’ve got to truly understand who you are, and what you want and be mentally and emotionally tough and passionate enough to be able to stand up and compete with these people. Because ultimately they are wanting to try and break you so they can get whatever you have.

One time I wrestled a guy in St Louis on TV, and he physically beat me in the back of the head so many times – rabbit punched me in the back of the head so many times, that I couldn’t see out of my left eye for half an hour. So if anybody’s got stories of physical, mental or emotional abuse, trust me, I’ve got plenty as far as these circumstances in regards to bullying guys in professional wrestling. That kind of stuff doesn’t happen to that degree in any manner now, and I don’t say that it should, but be aware. This is a physical, mental and emotional business. Making a decision to get into it you now accept part and parcel what it’s gonna take to be in it…

When guys are hard on you and they’re trying to push you out. Push back! Stand up for yourself. A bully, I promise you, will cave like a house of cards the second you stand up to him and if you can’t take it, and again I’m not condoning any of it, but you have to be passionate about wanting to be a professional wrestler and you have to believe in yourself.

We are becoming too soft as a society. We have become a society of victims. We no longer take personal responsibility for ourselves and our decisions, because we all want to make some excuse and justify – we’re not personally responsible for that decision… You didn’t stand up for yourself, you left? ‘Well that’s all his fault’. Well it’s also your fault cause you made the choice to let him push you out. You don’t get a participation award. That’s not the real world. That’s not the way life works.”

Snow also talked about training talent, breaking into acting, drug abuse in wrestling and more. To check out the full interview, click here.

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