QUICK QUOTES: Vince Russo denies Jim Cornette’s claim he asks for a job in WWE every week

On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Podcast, Vince Russo was asked about Jim Cornette’s claim that he asks Vince McMahon for a job every week. Here’s what he had to say to Wrestling Inc. founder Raj Giri:

“That’s absolutely untrue, Raj. You know what the funny thing is and bro, anybody with half a brain would understand this. Cornette obviously doesn’t have half a brain. Raj, I go on my podcast, OK, and I publicly read my personal emails with Vince McMahon.

Ok bro, I did that on my show. I read his response to me when I did reach out one time and I also, on Konnan’s show on Podcast One this week, I read Vince’s response to me when I called him out for the Table for 3 Show. I wrote him an email; I called him out. And he wrote me back and I read that response.

“Raj, I’ve got to ask you question, if I’m dying and begging the WWE for a freaking job, am I really going to go on my freaking show and read Vince McMahon’s personal email? I mean, let’s just be logical bro. Like, is that the way I would get a job if I was dying and begging for a job? It’s so freaking ridiculous.”

For more of the interview with Vince Russo, check out Wrestling Inc.

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