QUICK QUOTES: Road Warrior Animal provides a first-hand account of the night Sid suffered a severely broken leg

On this week’s episode of the What A Rush Podcast, we got a review of the Sin PPV from January of 2001. This was the show where Sid infamously leapt off the second rope and snapped his leg. It was a grotesque scene captured by the cameras.

On this night, Road Warrior Animal was making his return to the company. He was literally running to the ring as a mystery man, set to attack Sid at the moment the injury took place. The following is his account of those events:

“If anybody knew Sid, you knew that his ankles were about two inches around. The guy was 300 lbs. You jump, what, two and a half feet in the air and land on that kind of platform? That thing is going to snap and that’s exactly what his leg did.

“It’s my time to go down to the ring. Sid’s in the middle of going up to the second rope and dropping that leg. I’m trying to figure out… ok, he’s hurt. Let’s go out there and see how bad he’s hurt when I get to the ring to see what we’re going to do. What I was supposed to do was Steiner was supposed to hurt Sid, I come in, mystery man, boom, gutshot, I powerbomb Sid, because that was Sid’s finish. I was supposed to powerbomb Sid once or twice, that was going to be it. Well, when Sid has a broken leg…

“I look in the ring and Scotty Steiner is still trying to move Sid around, and Sid’s screaming. That leg is flopping around like a fish out of water and it’s holding together by a couple of ligaments at this time, nothing is holding it together. He’s screaming ‘My eff-ing leg! My eff-ing leg!’ You look at it, if he didn’t have those high boots on, it was definitely coming through the skin. You could tell it was through the skin in the boot.

“Scott, he goes ‘Joe, what should I do? What should I do?’ Now, this is already after I took my mask off. Sid was laying there and I threw it. Schiavone and those guys did a great job, ‘Oh no, look, it’s Road Warrior Animal!’ I heard the play-by-play on it. I said ‘Kick him.’ So he kicked him a couple times, and I did the double sledge on him and Scotty pinned him. What could you do? He was laying there with a broken leg. There’s no way we could pick him up and do anything. Could you imagine me trying to powerbomb him with that force, with that leg flopping around? It was bad, man. It was bad.”

For fans of WrestleCrap, this episode is certainly a walk down memory lane. To check it out, visit the What A Rush Podcast.

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