QUICK QUOTES: Finn Balor’s “dopey grin” and Karl Anderson’s “hot Asian wife” discussed on the WKPWP

Wade Keller interview with Stan Hansen

Each week, Wade Keller’s Pro Wrestling Podcast provides discussion on the most recent episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. Hosted by Keller, the conversation is always insightful and includes a rotating co-host.

This week, we were joined by PWTorch contributor, Travis Bryant. The two dissected all of the major aspects of the show. They also tackled a few minor issues that have circulated online and were brought up by viewers.

Regarding Karl Anderson’s use of the phrase “Hot Asian wife”:

TB: “That’s his wife. He didn’t say ‘Your hot Asian wife,’ or some other guy… that’s his wife. He can say whatever he wants about his wife until it’s a problem with her.”

WK: “And he’s been saying that for a long time. That’s his schtick, and it’s said ironically. The point is ‘Yeah, I’m this dorky, Caucasian American who went to Japan and guess what I got.’ Like, I think that’s sort of like his…

TB: “No, it’s a scumbag thing to say, but let it be a scumbag thing to say. Let it be a scumbag thing that a guy says about his wife.”

Regarding Finn Balor’s ‘happy’ demeanor:

WK: “Like I said, I didn’t like it on social media because I thought it was unbecoming of Balor seeming kind of like a star, and I do think he’s really comfortable, but it does seem like it’s something people are noticing and it’s kind of humanizing him in a way that, I don’t know that that works for him, but maybe it will.”

TB: “It’s a problem and it needs to be adjusted. It’s weird, and it’s silly. Like, ‘What is he doing? This is off-putting,’ or ‘This is cringeworthy.’

WK: “Like, I can’t believe that somebody was looking at Balor’s Instagram page, or whoever’s posting pictures of him with his dopey grins and going ‘Hey, Finn, that’s the key to Vince McMahon thinking you’re a star. Bring those dopey grins when you’re posing for social media pictures, bring that onto the air and have that look constantly. It’s weird, but it almost seems like a strategy.”

TB: “Finn has a big toothy smile, like a really big, nice smile. It’s almost like (Vince said) ‘That’s going to be your thing! People are going to remember Finn Balor because he has the big, bright smile.’ It’s just like, no.”

The two also discussed the Braun Strowman-Brock Lesnar backstage stunt, much more on Balor Club, the return of the Miz and the possibilities of the Jason Jordan-Shield storyline. New episodes of the WKPWP drop daily. To check them out, visit PodcastOne.

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  1. Do you think Balor is HAPPY! The dude has had a SHITTY 2017, He feuded with The Drifter, Bray, Miztourage. He`s with his BEST FRIENDS why wouldn`t he smiling, you guys are never happy if he`s moody there`s something wrong with him. Be happy for the guy and hopefully 2018 Finn and Gallows and Anderson have a 2018 to remember i mean i was thinking they should maybe head back to Japan , hell i`d like to see Finn vs Omega and Gallows and Anderson vs The Young Bucks i mean WWE AREN`T USING THEM i know New Japan will gladly see them come back.

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