QUICK QUOTES: Joey Ryan on Lucha Underground being available on Netflix, his unique in-ring marriage proposal, advice for younger talent

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Joey Ryan was recently interviewed by Channel Guide Magazine and talked about Lucha Underground appearing on Netflix, his unique marriage proposal, and more. Here are the highlights:

How appearing on Netflix has affected the company:

“It’s only been a little while since it has been on Netflix. So it might be a bit too soon to know for sure what it mean for Lucha Underground. I didn’t start until season two. Most people are starting with season one on there. So I know the cast for that is getting recognized a little more. Netflix is a huge market to hit.”

Proposing to his fiance Laura James during a match:

“It really was the only way for me to surprise her. It had to be in front of anyone. Any other way, and she would have seen it coming….She understands my schedule and what I do, which is nice. She gets it and doesn’t get uptight about stuff.”

His thoughts on WWE showing interest in Candice LaRae:

“It’s about time. To me, not gender specific, male or female she is one of the best wrestlers in the entire world. I think it was only a matter of time before WWE caught up to that.”

His advice for younger talent:

“It’s really hard to do when you are first starting because you want to do everything the right way. You want to come up properly in the business. I tell those coming up now not to be afraid to be themselves. I tell them not to be afraid to try new things because you never know what will catch on in wrestling. The most ridiculous things sometimes become the most over things. Then it becomes your shtick and your gimmick. Real creative people shut down their own ideas because they think it’s too out there. But really there isn’t much that is too out there when it comes to wrestling. I tell people to follow their gut instinct rather than model themselves after somebody that’s already there.”

For the full interview with Joey Ryan, check out Channel Guide Magazine

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