QUICK QUOTES: Vampiro on if Lucha Underground will have a Season 4, his online feud with Johnny Mundo, working with Matt Striker

Vampiro interview
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Vampiro was recently interviewed by the Lucha Lowdown Podcast and talked about the a potential Season 4 of Lucha Underground, working with Matt Striker, and more. Here are the highlights they sent along:

On working with Matt Striker on commentary:

“The best way to put it is we’re just friends. The wrestling world is very jealous. everybody’s competing everybody’s trying to be better, and one up the other person, and I just don’t care, and I don’t think he cares. What I mean is its the first time he’s been afforded the opportunity to run with the ball. I just be who I am, and we get along great, and there’s no competition, and it’s kind of like, and I tell him all the time “Dude, you’re the F-ing man here. I will follow you.” I know when to jump in. I’m more about timing. If you think about it like a band, he’s a great musician, a great lead guitar player. I would be more like a rhythm guitar player. Everybody looks at Angus Young in AC/DC as the showman, but it was his brother who held the band together in the back. I know when to play, and what to play, and when to play it. I’m really good at that, and I just think him and I get along that way for that reason.”

How Lucha Underground compares to other promotions he’s worked with:

“Being that were the first one’s doing things the way we’re doing in this format. At first it was kind of what do we compare ourselves to or how do we answer these questions because we don’t really have anything to base it on because it’s never been done before…We’re the first I’m excited to see what comes after us, or what we come up with next, cause we’ve broken the mold it’s obvious. Now what’s next? That’s going to be the fun part.”

On Pro Wrestling adapting to use social media/his online feud with Johnny Mundo:

“It is. It has. I think it can’t be stopped. Politics, news, sports. I mean even before an event is finished its already on the internet. I mean like right now there is a situation between myself and Johnny Mundo that’s very strong on social media. Everybody’s like is it real, or is it a storyline? It’s like F-ing chill out, and it’s none of your F-ing business, and enjoy it for what it is. There’s so many people who are so viscous, or so supportive. It’s very extreme. It’s kind of like, great because if you’re provoking a reaction negative or positive then you’re doing something right.”

On being optimistic about Lucha Underground Season 4:

“We’re the number one show on the network. We’re enthusiastically supported by the El Rey Network. We’re are very fortunate to be on Netflix that has 90 million viewers. The momentum right now is phenomenal, the fans are loving it, it’s growing by the day. It’s starting to go mainstream as opposed to staying in the niche of just pro wrestling underground fans. So, its illogical to think that we’re not going to continue.”

Teasing what is to come in the rest of Season 3:

“If you thought I swerved you at the end of season 1, wait till you see the end of Season 3. It’s going to F*** you up.”

For the full interview, check out the Lucha Lowdown Podcast. 

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