WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: Steve Austin Unleashed! w/ Ted Fowler on UFC 211, actual rattlesnakes, why Steve was angry over a deer

The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed!

Release Date: May 18, 2017


Top Newsworthy Items

-Steve gave his thoughts on UFC 211 results


00:00: Introduction to the show
03:08: Sponsor Ads
03:39: Steve and Ted discuss Ted’s latest injuries
33:50: Sponsor Ads
35:32: Steve and Ted reminisce about the Broken Skull Ranch, rattlesnakes, mowing, and deer hunting
1:05:39: Steve and Ted discuss UFC 211 results
1:27:03: Sponsor Ads and Show End

Show Highlights

Introduction and plugs for next week

Austin kept the introduction short this week because he wanted to get to talking to his friend, Ted Fowler who was the guest this week.

Steve and Ted discuss Ted’s latest injuries

Austin put to bed any rumors that there was any heat with Ted as many fans had apparently been emailing asking if he was going to have Fowler on the podcast again now that he’s moved to Los Angeles or if they had a falling out. They discussed briefly the selling of the Broken Skull Ranch and how one of the new owners upset Ted immediately by calling him “Teddy,” which he reserves for close friends, and told him immediately upon meeting, “I guess I just cost you a job and a hunting spot.” Austin said that the new owners are good guys despite that. They then moved onto talking about Ted’s latest injuries because this past Saturday, Ted texted Austin a picture of a giant gash on his forearm he had received. Ted was putting in a new door at a woman’s house, and he went to cut the rope around the new door, but the knife was dull and slid off the rope, which resulted in Ted puncturing his forearm with it. It was gushing blood, but he had his co-worker wrap it because they still had to put up the new door quickly before he went to the urgent care center. Ted criticized the doctor who he thought was trying to leave as quickly as possible. The doctor stapled the cut, but he messed up two of the staples, which Austin and he joked about. Close to a month ago, Ted also had another incident where he stepped on a nail, and in the process of trying to break his fall, put another nail through his palm.

Steve and Ted reminisce about the Broken Skull Ranch, rattlesnakes, mowing, and deer hunting

Back from the ads, Austin talked about how he wouldn’t miss rattlesnakes on the ranch’s property, and he and Ted discuss a few brief experiences with rattlesnakes. Austin said the new owners texted him a picture of a rattlesnake they found that was seven-feet long and as thick as Austin’s calf. They then moved onto discussing the pains of mowing the property, especially near any water because the tractor sometimes got stuck. One time is joked about where they stupidly used a chain held together with a bolt to try to pull the tractor out of the pond. They fondly talked about deer hunting on the ranch, but the main story discussed was a negative memory. Steve had been allowing a buck to grow older and get bigger with the idea he would hunt it when it was at optimal size that would result in the highest “score” and most money. A neighbor accidentally killed the buck, which made Austin angry. For right now, Austin is content with shooting targets with his bow and arrow.

Steve and Ted discuss UFC 211 results

Austin and Fowler move on to talk about UFC 211. Austin was extremely impressed with the show overall, especially the undercard. He praised the Chase Sherman and Rashad Coulter fight as “one of the best fights [he’d] seen in a long time.” He also liked Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier, which was a “hell of a go***mn fight.” They both agreed that the first main card bout between returning David Branch and Krzysztof Jotko was “not exciting” and “a letdown.” Both men were in awe of how strong Frankie Edgar looked in his win over Yair Rodriguez, but Austin still said that Rodriguez looked like “a superstar in the making” and that he thinks the fight will make him a better fighter. Both men also agreed with the decision victory that Demian Maia had over Jorge Masvidal. Austin raved over Joanna Jedrzejczyk and how great she looked going over Jessica Andrande to continue her win streak. Austin admitted he doesn’t know the “technical” aspects of MMA as well, but he realized by looking at the tweets of UFC fighters that Jedrzejczyk is one of the best pure strikers in the world. Even though it didn’t last long, Austin said that Stipe Miocic and Junior Dos Santos had “one of the most brutal fights [he’d] ever seen” in the Miocic TKO victory. They ended their talk by jokingly analyzing the photo of Ted’s staples in his arm and how the doctor messed some of them up.

Score and Review (7/10)

For wrestling fans, there is little on the podcast this week that they would find interesting, but for Austin fans, this episode was engaging throughout as Austin and Fowler’s friendship shines here as they reminisce and joke about old times on the ranch. Their jovialness and chemistry – they can’t go thirty seconds without laughing together – helps keep the listener interested in what they are talking about even if the subject matter isn’t for everybody. There’s nothing newsworthy in podcast, but it’s a good time killer if you are in the car.

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