QUICK QUOTES: Baron Corbin on carrying around the Money in the Bank briefcase in public, getting into Twitter wars

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Baron Corbin was recently interviewed by Phoenix New Times and talked about his Money in the Bank win, Twitter wars, and more. Here are the highlights:

What it’s like to carry around the Money in the Bank briefcase:

“It is. It actually is very hard. The thing is bright blue and says “Money in the Bank” in giant letters. So walking through the airport, everybody’s staring at you, looking at what it is, or there’s a lot of people at the airport that want to take pictures now. And you’re carrying this bright blue briefcase and it’s not light. I’ve got my contract in there, too. It’s a carry-on, so it’s with me 24/7.”

If Money in the Bank was the toughest match of his career:

“It most definitely was, for a couple of reasons. It was my first experiences with ladders and that kind of magnitude of a prize on the line. Elimination Chamber was crazy, some kind of thing where it was for the WWE championship and there’s five other guys in there. But this one was a different level, I think, when you’re climbing a 10-, 12, 14-, 16-foot ladders to try and take that briefcase off of the chain from the ceiling and it’s an experience where you’re 6’7, 6’8 and climbing those ladders and you’re a long way from the ground. That was pretty crazy in itself. And the guys in that match are on a different level, so I think it was a pretty exciting thing to be a part of.”

If people should avoid getting in Twitter wars with him:

“[Laughs] Well, you know, it’s funny, because especially in the Twitter world, people are safe. They know that whatever they say, there’s no repercussions for anything. So every once in awhile, I’ll fire one back if I have something clever or witty to put somebody in their place. And it’s really funny, too, because you get one of two responses: they either block you and they’re mad because a thousand other people are saying something to them or they realize, “Aw, I shouldn’t have said that because he is actually a real person and he replies.” Or they try to make it funny, like “Oh, you made my day [because] I riled you up.” But it entertains me at times.

I mean, people are insane when it comes to social media. They can just say and do whatever they want on it. And it’s a forum for people to complain about everything, so every once in awhile I like to entertain myself by putting them in their place.”

If he sees himself becoming an anti-hero like Steve Austin:

“Um, no. Because when I go out there I just kind of do me, and, right now, people just hate that. And they hate me and they hate my arrogance and my attitude. And it works. It really makes people emotionally involved in what I’m doing. That’s why I’m just going to keep that line and I’m going to let myself naturally evolve into whatever I may. I feel like that’s the key to longevity. If you look at a guy like John Cena, who’s been doing this and he’s won 16 [world] championships, he’s never just completely changed who he was or done something different. He just naturally evolves. And that’s what gives who he is the reality of John Cena. Nothing is forced with him and he’s amazing and he is who he truly is. So that’s what I want to do with myself. I want to allow myself to just naturally evolve. And it may go there, it may go somewhere else. I have no idea, but it’s day by day.”

For the full interview with Baron Corbin, check out Phoenix New Times.

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