QUICK QUOTES: Pete Dunne reveals his dream opponents, the WWE wrestler he helped train, crowd reaction to his TakeOver match


Pete Dunne was recently interviewed by ESPN after his victory at NXT Takeover. He talked about future goals in the business, dream opponents, and more. Here are the highlights:

His future goals in the business:

“I’ve completed every goal I’ve wanted and more at the age of 23. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop there at all. There’s a lot more goals on the horizon.”

His thoughts on the crowd reception to his match with Tyler Bate:

“It was quite overwhelming to be honest. I didn’t expect it from the get-go, really. I’d be confident that any venue in the U.K., that there would be a fair amount of people that know who myself and Tyler are. It’s another thing to walk out in Chicago and get a great reception. And then to walk back to an even more overwhelming reception from the people in the back, the people that have been around the business for so long and all the great ones behind it all. It’s unbelievable.”

His favorite opponents:

“[Tyler is] one of my two favorite people to wrestle [the other being fellow U.K. performer Mark Andrews] and I’m really glad I got to share that one with him. I had a big hand in training Tyler. I got him his first ever booking, which was against me in a tag match. As proud as I am of myself for being able to hold this WWE title, I was incredibly proud of him, as well. The two Brits on such a huge show of this magnitude.”

Who his dream opponents are:

“I’d love to wrestle Brock Lesnar. It’s the realism, the way he carries himself. It’s 100 percent believable because he’s real. That’s someone who I’d love to get in the ring with someday. I don’t think there’s a possibility of it ever happening, but I’d also love to wrestle William Regal one day.”

For the full interview with Pete Dunne, check out ESPN.com

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