QUICK QUOTES: Jason Jordan on nearly getting signed by MLB, playing a possible dentist gimmick, who paired him and Chad Gable together?

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Jason Jordan was recently interviewed by the Miami Herald and talked about breaking into the business, his mentors, gimmick ideas, and more. Here are some of the highlights:

If he had any thought of turning his dentistry degree into a gimmick:

“The thought actually crossed my mind, when I was in FCW [WWE’s developmental]. We threw out a lot of different character ideas, and for me, being there for so long, you have to throw a lot of things against the wall. That was something that definitely ran through my mind at some point.”

Nearly getting drafted by The White Sox or Minnesota Twins in 2006:

“I was going to get drafted out of high school [for pro baseball]. But I decided to wrestle in college instead and pass up on the baseball opportunity. It was definitely the right fit for me and got me to WWE. So it worked out well.”

Gerald Brisco helping him land in WWE:

“I have nothing but great things to say about Jerry Brisco. He came to the Big 10 Tournament and the NCAA Tournament my senior year, and after that wrestling season, he got in contact with me, and he got me hooked up to go to Tampa and have a tryout at FCW in 2010.

“I told him prior — and some of the talent relations with WWE — that I wanted to finish college. So I went back to Indiana and coached a year while completing my degree. After that, the opportunity was still there to sign the [developmental] contract with WWE, and I signed in 2011. Jerry Brisco is the whole reason that I’m having the career that I’m having now.”

Dusty Rhodes being a mentor to him:

“[Dusty] definitely helped me get me to the point where I am now. He’s somebody who’s always believed in me, and he’s had a huge influence on my career. Also, he’s the whole reason why Chad and I were put together. It was his idea, and we definitely owe Dusty Rhodes a huge thank you, because if it wasn’t for him, there might not be an American Alpha.”

For more, check out the full interview with Jason Jordan

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