QUICK QUOTES: X-Pac talks meeting Sylvester Stallone, the mutual friends they have, the wrestler who broke his neck

On The Tomorrow Show, X-Pac talked about meeting Sylvester Stallone recently and learned about the movie star’s wrestling fandom. Here are the highlights they sent along:

Sylvester Stallone recognizing X-Pac: 

“He [Sylvester Stallone] was talking about wrestling, like right there like five feet from me…and then so I looked over and made eye contact and he was like this, and he goes ‘you look familiar’ and I was about to say the same thing…he was very cool.”

The mutual friends they have: 

“Stallone was talking a lot about wrestling. He wanted to know uh…and we’re talking about mutual friends that we have…a guy named Terry Funk, he’s a legend and he was in one of Stallone’s very first movies called Paradise Alley which was an excellent movie yeah…they did the–they did the movie that uh–there’s a wrestling theme to it….a guy named Harley Race, he was familiar with some younger guys that are younger than me called the Hardy Boyz and I thought that was kinda neat.”

Having the same surgery as Stallone

“We both have uh, the same surgery on our–uh, cervical fusion he broke his neck as well and actually one of my friends broke his neck (laughs)…yeah Steve Austin broke his neck he sphered him through some kind of, I think it was like door or something…yeah it was one of our topics of conversation…oh he just said he knew right away that it was, it was done.”

For more of the X-Pac interview, check out The Tomorrow Show


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