QUICK QUOTES: Glacier on the major wrestling event that derailed his debut, staying active in the business

Glacier was recently interviewed by Uproxx about the popularity of his character, why it took so long for him to debut, and more. Here are the highlights:

Why it took so long for his character to debut:

“I remember the moment where me and Chris Kanyon realized that there had been a paradigm shift in the whole idea was, because we were supposed to go down to Bash at the Beach ’96 when Hogan turned heel. We were actually driving down, a group of us, and we were gonna stop off and visit in my hometown of Brunswick, Georgia, which is kinda halfway. And we got there, and we got a call to tell us not to come down. ‘Cause we were supposed to be down there for whatever, they were gonna do something. And we were like, ‘Okay. Well, what do we do?’ And they were like, ‘We don’t need you for the pay-per-view.’ We’re like, ‘Okay.’ So, of course, we just … I said, ‘Hey, why don’t we stay here, and I got some friends. We can watch the pay-per-view here. We’ll all just hang out and head back to Atlanta tomorrow.’

While we’re watching the pay-per-view, Kanyon and I are sitting on the same couch watching it, and as soon as Hogan turned heel — of course, it was monumental to anybody that saw it ’cause they were throwing stuff in the ring and everything — I remember it, he didn’t even look at me. He just said, looking at the camera, ‘Well, there goes our push.’”

The Glacier character still being popular:

“What I kind of found out by accident was through the WWE Network, where they rerun a lot of Monday night shows and our pay-per-views and stuff like that. So I went to a convention, and I realized … This kid came up to me, and he was probably 10, 11 years old and he was all about Glacier. I’m thinking, ‘How’s this kid even know who I am? He wasn’t even born when I was wrestling back in WCW.’ But his dad told me, he said, ‘Well, he watches reruns of WCW Nitro and stuff like that.’ So I’ve realized that I kind of got a second run, so to speak, as Glacier. But this one’s not near as painful.”

Still staying active in the business:

“And it’s just, I always say that … Next month will be 31 years I’ve been in the wrestling business. I’ve never taken a year off. I’ve been very active for 31 years and … But I always feel like I’m a fan first. I enjoy, I still sit down and watch matches on YouTube. I’ll just pick anybody out like [Ricky] Steamboat or Les Thatcher or whoever I can pick up and start watching matches. I’m still that much enthralled by it and passionate about it. So I started realizing, you know what? I still got a lot of life left in me, and thank God I still look somewhat like I did when I was on TV. I’m a little bit heavier than I need to be right now, but I’m working on that.”

For the full interview with Glacier, check out Uproxx

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