QUICK QUOTES: Sasha Banks on the transition from Divas to Superstars, wanting to inspire others

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Sasha Banks was recently interviewed by Stuff to promote the company’s upcoming tour of New Zealand. Here are some of the highlights:

The transition from Divas to Superstars: 

“Five years ago we weren’t given this opportunity that we’re having now to be equal to the men. Just two years ago we were considered Divas, that was our brand name, and we had a championship that was in the shape of a butterfly. I was like ‘this is not us, we’re not divas, we’re superstars’. And so two years ago we changed that.”

Wanting to inspire young girls to pursue wrestling: 

“We have all different shapes, sizes, all different looks, and it’s so beautiful to see, because legit five years ago it was all models.

On her husband sewing her outfits:

“I’m a WWE superstar, I’m not Sasha Banks the wrestler who married the seamstress. I feel that people can do any job they want, you don’t have to gender-fy it.”

For the full interview with Sasha Banks, check out Stuff

Also, find out what Sasha’s number one goal in the business is, and her chemistry with Bayley.  

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  1. She needs to do something meaningful soon. Being BFF’s with Bayley and smiling all the time isn’t working.

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