QUICK QUOTES: Jim Ross on Jason Jordan/Kurt Angle, being a part of the Mae Young Classic, Braun Strowman appearing to be a face

It’s been a few weeks since his last update, but Jim Ross put up a new blog on his website at jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

Being a part of the Mae Young Classic:

“Loved being a part of the Mae Young Classic that saw me in  Orlando for six days last week interviewing all 32 women representing 13 countries plus Lita and I called 30 bouts over two nights.  I’ve never been in a pro wresting environment where there was so much natural passion and motivation from the roster whose only agenda was to have great matches and take a giant step forward in building women’s wrestling.

I talk about ‘The Mae’ on this week’s podcast and will share that I never dreamed of how personally impactful this event would become to me until I became immersed in it throughout the interview process on Monday and Tuesday.  I enjoyed working with @AmyDumas and @Madusa_rocks very much. I fed off their passion without question and you will hear it if you listen to our broadcast.”

Braun Strowman’s appearance on Raw:

“Based on what I saw Monday night on Raw regarding Braun Strowman, I can easily see WWE going all the way with the giant athlete from North Carolina. A Lesnar-Strowman high level contest down the road is going to make a compelling main event and could elevate Strowman to the rarified air community.

Seems to me, simply by watching as  fan, that when Braun walked away from the ambulance crash of a few weeks ago, that he walked away as a ‘character ‘face’ or a least that’s  how I took it. Bottom line, it will be challenging for many fans to truly dislike this huge man. WWE has done a really nice job building Strowman to his current level.”

His thoughts on Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle:

“Might just be me but after watching the Rene Young interview, nicely done BTW, with Kurt Angle and his ‘son’ Jason Jordan on the @WWENetwork after RAW, I can easily see where Jordan and  ‘Dad” could be terrific villains down the road.”

For more, check out JR’s blog

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