QUICK QUOTES: Jerry Lawler on why Talking Smack may have been cancelled, if he knew The Great Khali was at Battleground

On the most recent episode of Dinner With The King, Jerry Lawler talked about The Great Khali, Talking Smack, and more. Here are some of the highlights they sent along:

If there’s any truth to Vince McMahon being mad that New Day was on Talking Smack before their debut: 

“As far as anything, like Vince’s decisions, who really knows other than Vince? I would highly doubt — just me personally and knowing Vince and knowing the situation — that the story you just said has any accuracy to it whatsoever.

I’m sure the guests on Talking Smack, all of that is probably run by Vince before the show goes on. Because I know the fact that I was going to be on Talking Smack was run by Vince before I was allowed to be on there.”

Possible real reason why the show was cut down:

“It might have been logistics. When you’re talking these guys have been there all day long, and the crew has been there two days. And to ask them to stay an extra hour or two when everything else is being broke down and when all the other superstars have left getting back to their hotel or going on to the next city; it’s tough. It is hard. I’m sure there were some complaints from people not too happy about staying to do that. As opposed to the one after the pay-per-view; that’s easy.”

If people knew The Great Khali was backstage at Battleground: 

“It’s so funny how things like that happen. People in the company, like myself and Renee Young and people doing the show, we had no idea that The Great Khali was in the arena.”

For the full episode, check out Dinner With The King

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