QUICK QUOTES: Bobby Fulton on the violent feud between The Fantastics and The Sheepherders, meeting a young Jim Cornette

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Bobby Fulton was a recent guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast and talked about The Fantastics, meeting Jim Cornette while he was a photographer, and more. Here are the highlights they sent along:

The chemistry of The Fantastics and tag team partner Tommy Rogers:

“All I can tell you is this, it was magic. It was magical. Why I say that is because we went out there and we put our guts out and magic took place. People talk about our matches with The Midnight Express and our matches with The Sheepherders but often times we had great matches with teams like Eddie Gilbert and Sting, Jack Victory and John Tatum and with a lot of other tag teams that with me and Tommy both at 5′ 9” we really knew that I couldn’t have gotten that far with out him and he wouldn’t have gotten as far without me. It was supposed to have been a ninety day replacement team and that was it. Bill Watts and Bill Dundee put Tommy and I together and it became magical. We had tremendous matches with a lot of great tag teams.”

Meeting a young photographer named Jim Cornette in Memphis:

“I was recovering from a broken arm and I called The Cuban Assassin who was wrestling in Memphis to try and get me on there (Memphis TV) and he got me an opportunity to go there to that territory. When I started going to Louisville and Evansville and being broke from healing up from a broken arm, Jimmy Cornette and his mother worked for Ms. Christine Jarrett (mother of Jeff Jarrett) and I ended up going to Louisville and me and Jimmy and Mama Cornette would ride from there to Evansville and they helped me out and me and Jimmy became great friends. As a matter of fact it was Jimmy that turned me on to the style of Tiger Mask. I had met Dynamite Kid while working for Stu Hart but it was seeing the Dynamite Kid and Tiger Mask from Jimmy.”

“Jimmy loved the wrestling business. He ate, drank and slept wrestling. He was a great student of the game and he knew so much that I told him that you might never be a wrestler but someday you are going to do something big in the wrestling business because he just had such a great understanding of professional wrestling and he was also a great photographer.”

The violent and crazy matches between The Fantastics and The Sheepherders (The Bushwackers):

“It was a good combination because they were like wild animals and we were the young white meat babyfaces and meaning that we were there to draw the women and it became unbelievable what our matches with those guys were. Those guys were really something else and I mean that in a way that they made us make believers out of everybody. They ended up saying not only do these guys look good but they got in the ring and they would bleed like stuck hogs and fight to no end.”

“As a matter of fact it was Luke Williams who gave me my first break in San Antonio and The Sheepherdes (later The Bushwackers) were blood-thirsy “mate” and with all of the blood and guts they helped get us over.”

For the full interview with Bobby Fulton, check out The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. 

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