WRITTEN PODCAST RECAP: MLW Radio #290 – if CM Punk will fight in MMA again, why the hosts feel bad for Kurt Angle, the beginning of the end of the Brand Split?

MLW Radio (flagship) # 290

Recap by: Desman


Top Stories:

  • Jon Jones calls out Brock Lesnar
  • CM Punk’s second fight in UFC?
  • John Cena in Transformers spin-off
  • Brock to leave WWE if he loses?
  • WWE going back to the well with Miz
  • Cena vs. Nakamura and the brand split


Rich Bocchini is now a permanent member of the flagship show, with Court Bauer making appearances when available, which could very well lead to yours truly bowing out of this weekly review, but in the meantime…

After some talk about recent music shows, MSL says that it’s fun for fans when they can say they saw guys like Daniel Bryan or CM Punk wrestling in small venues at the beginning of their career and asks Rich if there was a guy he saw in a tiny venue that he is now watching on TV. He did see Ray Rowe of War Machine while he was working at NWA of Houston out of a VFW hall. Rich knew that Rowe was getting some looks for Ring of Honor and had gotten to know him a little bit and said it’s cool to see what he’s doing now. He mentions a couple of similar instances and wonders if War Machine will end up making it to the WWE roster eventually.

11:05 – MSL says that he’s been enjoying Sami Callahan’s work on the indies lately, with his intensity and the way that he’s put together some innovative offense with a dark direction that he’s taking his character in. Ironically, Sami will be wrestling at MLW’s One Shot in October, tickets for which are still available at MLW.com. Between Callahan, Shane Strickland, and Ricochet, MLW has signed some great talent so far.

12:30 – MLW Events Center with Sean Mooney. This week WrassleRap talks with Jake “The Snake” Roberts, What Happened When covers Bobby “The Brian” Heenan, and Kevin Sullivan’s Helluva Deal talks the Florida territory, WCW, and booking along with MSL. Bischoff on Wrestling talks about Jon Jones calling out Brock Lesnar, the rumored return of Taboo Tuesday, and Eric’s documentary “Dope Man” that debuted on A&E.

14:45 – Jon Jones recaptures his Light Heavyweight Championship over Daniel Cormier, which was overshadowed by Jones calling out Brock Lesnar and challenging him to a fight in the UFC. Rich wonders what’s going on with UFC and WWE, whether or not there’s a partnership there or if WME is looking at buying WWE, which has been discussed before. It seems a little too convenient to Rich that Jones calls out Lesnar and Becky Lynch gets called out by Cris Cyborg as well. MSL has a hard time believing Vince will sell.

21:05 – CM Punk’s coach has mentioned that his next fight is coming “soon”, and asks Rich if he thinks Punk will enter the octagon again. Based on what Rich knows about his personality and hearing people talk about him in interviews he still thinks he can do it. He may not have had a good showing in his first fight and been humbled, but you don’t get the sense that he was overly disappointed and since he’s put so much time into it he doesn’t see why he wouldn’t just give it one more shot. MSL also thinks that a Punk fight would sell again.

25:30 – John Cena has been confirmed to appear in the Bumblebee Transformers spin-off. MSL isn’t into the Transformers franchise, but might watch this one to catch Cena. Rich never watched the movies either, so he’s not much help, yet he’s enjoyed anything he’s Cena in recently, and even the first Marine wasn’t awful.

28:45 – WWE and Mattel have extended their licensing arrangement to 2021. The guys chat a little about wrestling toys that they’ve had, such as the rubbery LJN figures and Rich actually had an AWA ring. Zzzz…

33:30 – Brock will leave WWE if he loses the Universal Championship at SummerSlam in the Fatal 4-Way. Rich says that conventional wisdom says that this is the easy way for Brock to get out for a return to UFC. Rich would love to see him walk into the octagon as the WWE Universal Champion and have it acknowledged by UFC. MSL says that, as a promoter, he would be afraid to let his talent walk into another promotion with the title, especially if Brock loses to Jones. He thinks it’s asking for a disaster to have a WWE Champion lose a UFC match. Jones needs Brock for a big payday, and MSL says that he doesn’t think Brock should cut any weight in order to make the fight happen, but yet the two guys should fight at whatever their weights are.

37:35 – MSL thinks that the angle with Jason Jordan being his illegitimate son makes him feel bad for Kurt Angle and has led to some of the most awkward crowd reactions he’s ever seen. Rich agrees that they shouldn’t have gone there, and while he’s happy with the spotlight on Jason Jordan, it’s just not hitting home.

43:25 – MSL is excited for Cena and Nakamura on Smackdown with the winner getting a title shot at SummerSlam against Jinder Mahal. MSL assumes Cena will win, yet there are reports that he’s switching brands after SummerSlam. He asks Rich if Cena will lose and switch sides or taking the World Title to Raw. Rich says it could also be the beginning of the end of the brand split, but MSL doesn’t think they’re giving up on it just yet, and could totally see Roman pinning Joe and switching to Smackdown while Cena goes to Raw.

48:35 – MSL wants to touch on the TMZ video of Chris Jericho arguing and cursing at a fan outside of a venue. M thinks it’s tough to get on Jericho’s case here, as while he may have had a few adult beverages, he’s still a human being that is going to react to someone when harassed. Rich thinks fans at times are too aggressive.

Rating – 7 out of 10. I’m not going to keep penalizing MSL and Bocchini for what is now their show with Court as a special guest because it’s not a valid criticism, it’s just what this show has become since Court is tied up with other MLW business. I will try to hang in as long as I can, but it’s definitely lost a LOT of luster.


11:05 – Indy wrestlers that get the guys excited
12:30 – MLW Events Center
14:45 – UFC 214
21:05 – Punk to fight again soon?
25:30 – John Cena’s movie
28:45 – WWE and Mattel extend deal
33:30 – Brock to leave WWE if he loses?
37:35 – Kurt Angle/Jason Jordan storyline
43:25 – John Cena vs. Nakamura on SmackDown
48:35 – Jericho’s altercation on TMZ

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