SOCIAL MEDIA: Aron Stevens holds a Q&A on Twitter

Damien Sandow art credit Grant Gould (c) PWTorch

Aron Stevens, the artist formerly known as Damien Sandow, conducted a brief Q&A on Twitter Thursday afternoon. The session was held to promote his new Instagram page.

Do you think you’ll be back in WWE one day?
AS: Never say never, but no plans right now.

Do you have any interesting projects coming up?
AS: Yes, actually several. I’ve been quiet for a while, but that is about to change.

Who were your favorite co-workers?
AS: The fans. They are why I went to work every day.

AS: Both great companies for their own reasons

What is your favorite submission hold of all time?
AS: Royal Arch

What is your least favorite finisher or maneuver to take?
AS: Cobra. You can’t feel anything for three seconds.

What was the biggest bump you have taken?
AS: Over the top rope, through a table.

What is your favorite gimmick from your time in WWE?
AS: The blue robe will always hold a special place.

Who is your favorite hockey team?
AS: Bruins

What is your favorite Keanu Reeves film?
AS: Constantine. That, of course, does not include Bill & Ted.

Rush’s Analysis: It was your typical Twitter Q&A. We now have confirmation that the Boston Bruins are Stevens favorite NHL team, but we already knew he was from Boston, so no shock there. It was also nice to see him pay respect to one of the greatest time travel movies of all time, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Aside from the silliness, it’s cool to see him leave the door open to a WWE return. Of course, his was the standard response you’d see from most wrestlers in his position, but it would’ve been disappointing to see him launch into any sort of anti-WWE tirade. His Intellectual Savior gimmick was done well and has proven to be a cult favorite amongst fans. Additionally, his program with the Miz in 2014-15 was memorable but ultimately botched beyond repair. That should not be seen as a fault of Stevens, but rather a product of poor booking.

He seemed to have been out of favor with Vince McMahon towards the end of his WWE run, but as the company continues to seek capable bodies to fill out their roster as they cope with the brand split, it would not at all be surprising to see Damien Sandow ride once again. Hopefully, a renewed lease on life in WWE would see him finally fulfill the incredible potential he’s occasionally displayed.

You can follow Aron Stevens on Twitter at @AronsThoughts

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