QUICK QUOTES: Was Christian upset over being sent to TNA for one night in 2012?

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On this week’s episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness, Christian answered a fan’s email asking if he was upset about being sent to TNA for a one-off appearance in 2012 in exchange for Ric Flair, who was under contract with TNA but being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of the Four Horsemen:

“I’m not ashamed of my time in TNA at all. I’ve talked about it before. I was very proud of the stuff I did in TNA. I enjoyed my time there. I thought TNA was at it’s best at that time, not because I was there, but with all the talent they had. You look at the talent, they were young in their career, look at where they are now. Guys like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode… it did a lot for me and gave me a lot of confidence to move on and get me to where I wanted to go and to prove to myself that I could be a main event guy. So for that, I always thank them for the opportunity that they gave me there. Dixie Carter treated me very well.

“Was I surprised when I got the call? Yes, I was surprised. I didn’t expect that to be the phone call I got that day and I was kind of confused as to what was going on. I halfway thought I was being ribbed. I thought it was an honor they asked for me in return for Ric and I thought that was obviously a sign that I meant something and my contributions to that company were important so I didn’t look at it as a negative at all.

“It was a weird thing and I know on the other side of it there was a lot of paperwork that had to be filed on both sides, not just for me, I’m sure for Ric. But I know for me there was a ton of paperwork that had to be signed by a lot of people. It was a pretty big deal behind the scenes. It was one of those things, it was kind of cool and should maybe even be talked about more than it is.

“The way it was put to me was like ‘Look, we’re inducting the Four Horsemen into the Hall of Fame,’ and I said ‘Stop right there. First and foremost, I’m a fan. As a fan, if I’m sitting there watching the Hall of Fame and the Four Horsemen are getting inducted and Ric Flair isn’t there, to me it’s not the Four Horsemen getting inducted. He needs to be there, so I don’t need to hear any more. I’ll do it.’”

To listen to the entire episode, check out E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness.

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