QUICK QUOTES: Jonny Fairplay on Roman Reign’s facial hair, Bray Wyatt’s “Mumbo jumbo,” Absolution’s mission

Wade Keller interview with Stan Hansen

Jonny Fairplay was the guest on the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast following this week’s Monday Night Raw. Fairplay weighed in with his thoughts on major happenings on the show:

Thoughts on Roman Reigns performance:
“The first thing I noticed, Roman Reigns had a beard. Not rocking the dated goatee. I think that’s important. I don’t know if you’ve paid attention social media-wise when Roman Reigns has rocked just the straight up beard before, they’re like ‘Hey, I like that.’ Him rocking the goatee adds a little extra DB-esqueness to it. I like it. I think that was a smart move out of the gate. I think there’s a difference between the two Roman’s. I think walking past Seth Rollins, you know, the Shield’s not together tonight, however, they’re still the Shield so that means he’s still cool, by proxy. I like that little reminder. I like them just testing the waters to see what the negative temperature is for him. I thought tonight was fine. It’s not smart (fan) central in Knoxville, not that I’ve been made aware of in the past, but I think much like Elias passed all the tests in front of him for the night, I think Roman passed his as well.”

On Absolution:
“I like the idea of a heel women’s faction, I think. I don’t like the other two girls being minions and, like, Paige disciples, They feel more like the Miztourage than Four Horsewomen, so i don’t like that aspect. I did not like the other two just singing the praises of Paige. I would’ve preferred ‘Hey, us three are here to do some damage.’

I think Paige should be the star, I just wanted a little more substance to them. They can tell you how great Paige is, but I want them to believe in themselves as well.”

On Bray Wyatt:
“I got the sense that we are in for a program with Matt and Bray and Bray is motivated. Even walking to the ring, you had Booker T going ‘What’s this guy all about? We don’t even know why he’s here,’ and I’m sitting there like ‘He’s right. We don’t really know anything.’ I feel like Bray Wyatt hasn’t been there that long. He feels like a newer wrestler, but god, how many years has he been there now? We don’t really know anything other than mumbo jumbo.”

Jason Jordan:
“Tonight was the first night I liked him since he was in American Alpha. I think the other stuff was necessary to get to this point. Do I think he did a good job before? No. I don’t think he should’ve been playing this character the whole time, or else it wouldn’t have worked. Once we’ve got to this chapter in the story and this is that part of that character, I think he nailed it tonight.”

Fairplay also discussed his experience attending Starrcade in Greensboro last weekend as well as his new podcast, Survival of the Fairest. To hear the entire episode, check out the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast.

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