QUICK QUOTES: Bruce Prichard reveals the famous WWF theme that featured his vocals

Dusty Rhodes episode

On this week’s episode of Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard, Bruce discussed his memories of working with the legendary former WWE composer, Jim Johnston:

Regarding a theme song Johnston had composed that Bruce didn’t like:

“The Lex Luger theme. Both Lex Luger theme’s, actually. The ‘American’ Lex Luger theme and the ‘Hero’ song, the original cut of the ‘Hero’ song that everyone remembers. I was told that I made Jim cry with my critique of his work because it was brutal. And I told him ‘God, that is the worst piece of s**t I’ve ever heard in my life. I mean, I would rather listen to nothing than listen to that if it was the only thing left on AM radio and it was all that I had. What the f**k are you smoking?’

“He left, and he got so upset. He wanted to quit then. Of course, I apologized. I was kidding, but I was serious because it was horrible. But Jim was a very sensitive guy like some artists are. Extremely talented, an incredible work ethic. He would sit in that studio twenty hours at a time until he got it right, until he got what he wanted.”

While answering an inquiry about where Jim Johnston recorded his music, Bruce made a fascinating revelation regarding a prominent theme song of the early Attitude Era:

“They built a big, beautiful studio for Jim at the television studio. I’m trying to think when Jim moved in there. That would’ve been around 1998 maybe, 97-98. I can almost pinpoint it. Nation of Domination, that was about the time Jim’s studio came in and that’s where we got everybody, all the guys in the studio. ‘I need all male voices,’ and we all go into Jim’s studio and sang ‘Nation of Domination. Nation of Domination.’ Yeah, I sing on that. I really do, I’m on that.”

Rush’s Analysis: The actual subject of this week’s episode was the Steiner Brothers, but as Conrad Thompson mentions at the top of the show, they weren’t sure they’d have enough material to do a full episode on Johnston. Given his significant role in WWE over the years, and following his departure this past week, they felt it was a good time to spend a few minutes on him. It was a fitting tribute, and I, for one, will never hear the Nation theme song the same way again.

To hear the entire episode, check out Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard.

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