PODCAST RECAP AND REVIEW: Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru on the potential return of the XFL, booker George Scott, Jim Herd’s popularity among the wrestlers (Ep. 35)

Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru Episode 35

Release Date: December 18, 2017

Recap By: Paul Briody


0:00 – Intro features Jim talking about Louisville Gardens ring announcer in the 1970s, Bill Bailey, who was a local radio DJ. Also, a story about The Sheik attacking another ring announcer, Johnny Randolph, in 1975. That was the first time Jim sold photos commercially. They then talk about various radio DJs being involved in wrestling throughout The years. Interesting stuff.

20:15 – Jim answers a question about Vince considering reviving the XFL. In short, to quote Jim: “I don’t give a f*** about football.” He doesn’t like money made from wrestling being reinvested in other areas. It should “go to the boys.”

“Anytime WWE looks for validation from ‘the mainstream’ through other ventures it always ends in disaster. Just stick to the s*** you make a s***- ton of money from.”

28:00 – Surprise, surprise – Vince listens to management and then just does what he wants anyway!

31:15 – Question about list of Dave Meltzer’s negative starred matches and which ones Jim saw. Jim is not a fan of Pac-Man Jones or Jonny Fairplay. Jim on Bobby Eaton and PN News vs, Steve Austin and Terry Taylor in a scaffold match from Great American Bash 1991: “the greatest talent in the world can’t overcome bad booking and the greatest booking can’t make up for bad talent… this was a case of the former.”

38:45 – Jim talks about an awful Prime Time Players match on Smackdown that Kenny Bolin made him watch.

40:50 – Jim answers question about wrestlers being self conscious about displaying their genitals in wrestling trunks!

43:35 – Jim talks about Crockett not being kept on as an advisor after the Turner buyout and his disdain for “suits” in wrestling particularly, obviously, Jim Herd. Interesting tidbits about wrestling luminaries including Paul Heyman, Dusty Rhodes, JJ Dillon, The Midnight Express, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard.

54:54 – Jim on booker George Scott: “F**k George Scott, I’m glad he’s dead.” The Midnights went back to WCW after they fired him. Tidbits about their schedule at the time.

58:44 – Question about Jim Herd’s popularity among wrestlers. They all hated him. Jim Ross “tried to get along with him because he had to work in the office with him everyday.” Includes the usual Cornette vitriol towards Herd. “F****** raccoon pelt headed piece of s***.”

1:03:28 – When Cornette found out that Smoky Mountain Wrestling was out-drawing WCW shows in Atlanta, he sent Herd a bouquet of dead black roses with a card saying: ‘My deepest sympathies for the death of your wrestling promotion, love Jim Cornette.’

1:05:30 – Discussion about pets in wrestling including Jake Roberts hiding drugs in his snake bag etc.

1:09:00 – Outro

Rating: 7/10

There are lots of funny little stories featuring wrestling names from the past, so if that’s your deal I’d definitely recommend this podcast. Cornette and Last are very knowledgable and have great chemistry.


0:00 – Louisville Gardens ring announcer talk.
20:15 – Jim on XFL.
31:15 – The worst rated matches in history.
40:50 – Wrestlers being concerned about their genitals showing through when wearing trunks.
43:35 – Turner/Crocket buyout.
1:05:30 – Pets in wrestling.

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