PODCAST RECAP: The Jim Ross Report – Rey Mysterio talks Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, if heels can still get legitimate heat, NJPW and Expo Lucha coming to the US…Plus: what makes Smackdown a better show than Raw?

The Jim Ross Report

Release Date: June 6, 2018

Recap by: Joe Aguinaldo


0:00 – Intro

Slobberknocker audio is back on the air with good ole J.R. Today on the show is Rey Mysterio who will be performing in Japan this weekend and will be at the All In event. They’ll also be talking about Aero Lucha, his schedule and his son who is training to be a wrestler.

2:51 – What’s On J.R’s Mind

J.R will be in the UK doing his ‘Inside The Ropes Tour’ with stops in Glasgow, Newcastle, Birmingham, Limerick and Galway. These are all intimate venues and tickets are getting scarce. You can look for information or tickets at www.insidetheropes.co.uk.

The shows with J.R and Jerry Lawler are getting a lot of interest however, they’re still working on the details. The shows will be at the Zanies locations in Nashville and Illinois. Check out www.zanies.com for details.

J.R congratulates Court Bauer and the MLW team on their new TV show on which airs Friday nights at 11:00pm ET. It’s got an old school feel which is diverse and J.R likes the physicality and the roster. You can find it on the biEN network and for information on the show, go to www.MLW.com.

A judge in Chicago has ruled in favor of C.M Punk and Colt Cabana in their lawsuit with Dr. Scott Aman who had been seeking $4 million in damages (actually it’s Chris Aman…I think J.R might have thought C. Scott Aman who is a lawyer with the WWE). Now it’s back to business for both of them.

J.R talks about C.M Punk’s upcoming fight and mentions a lot of hardcore MMA fans like to complain about pro wrestling on TV. J.R says it’s entertainment and it makes money. UFC fans want to see C.M Punk get his ass kicked whereas wrestling fans want to see him do well. However, if you don’t have a ticket you’re going to order the PPV and that’s why C.M Punk is advertised not Phil Brooks. Punk will be fighting Mike Jackson.

J.R brings up the NXT because someone asked Triple H if he thought NXT would ever leave the WWE network especially in light of the new TV deals. Triple H says if enough money comes along that wants to buy a live weekly televised sporting event, they’ll sell. There are a lot of places that need programming and a lot of places that want something new and live. This is why J.R thinks the Friday Night Smackdown show will be live.  J.R says the wrestling business hinges on two primary ingredients….talent and television. If you have both in place, you have a shot at being successful.

J.R thinks too many talents are having the same basic match today as they had a year ago. Too many people are using the same sequencing and movesets which makes it repetitive, predictable and sometimes illogical.

RAW was not well received by many of the ‘wrestling pundits’. He liked the in-ring work of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins against Jinder Mahal and Elias. He thought Balor and Owens had a great match and thought the Strowman vs Roode match was presented well. He didn’t think Rhonda did well on commentary and would not put her back on commentary until she gets more practise.

In general, J.R thinks Smackdown is the better of the two shows more weeks than not. He thinks the extra hour on RAW might be the reason why because it’s challenging to sit through a three hour show. He thought Asuka had a good outing and people in the office are very high on her. He loved the Charlotte vs Becky Lynch match that Becky won via submission. J.R brings up Big Cass and says Cass needs to continue being aggressive. He wants to see more physicality and more work on his promos. J.R feels Cass will be a star but has some holes to fill in his game.

23:17 – Slobberknocker Of The Week

This week’s candidates are:

  • Oliver Luck who is the new XFL Commissioner and CEO. He’s an educated football guys from the field to the boardroom to the front office.
  • Undertaker who will be making his third in-ring appearance in as many months at Madison Square Garden. J.R says when Undertaker will retire when he decides to retire.
  • Washington Capitals who are on the cusp of winning their first stanley cup in 45 years.
  • 9 year old Andrew Emery from Greenwood SC had a two hour lemonade sale and raised $6,000.00 for his younger brother who is suffering from neurological issues. He wanted to raise the money to help with medical bills and buy a teddy bear.
  • Finn Balor and The Big Show for welcoming the Texas faction of the Special Olympics to RAW this past Monday

The winner of this week’s Slobberknocker Award is Michael Francis Foley (Mick Foley). He’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 1998 Hell In a Cell match with Undertaker. J.R was asked to make some comments about the match for WWE Digital.

30:35 – Pet Coon Goofy Award

This week’s candidates are:

  • One of the dumbest undercover FBI agents in Denver who was dancing at a party doing backflips while his gun was in his belt. His gun fell to the floor and as he goes to grab it, he shot someone.
  • The incomparable ‘other’ J.R, J.R Smith. His blunder in game one of the NBA finals was embarrassing. He should have admitted he made a mistake instead of trying to make excuses. J.R says it changed the complexion of the series.
  • The United States Supreme Court who actually spent time on a 7 – 2 vote in support of Jeff Phillips, the baker who said he was forced by the Colorado Civil rights commission to bake a cake for a same sex wedding. The Supreme Court said his religious beliefs were ignored and it was against his first amendment rights. This was a SIX YEAR to determine.
  • President Bill Clinton for his recent apology

This week’s Pet Coon Goofy Award goes to the White House and the NFL over the anthem fisco. He brings up the Philadelphia Eagle’s visit (or not visit) to the White House. J.R says the reason the Eagle’s didn’t go to DC didn’t have anything to do with the national anthem situation but rather how the president is running the country. J.R says he may not agree with kneeling for the national anthem but he supports the cause and understand the reasoning. He says this whole thing is getting out of hand and says the NFL should play football and the President should govern. He says this is embarrassing especially when he travels to other countries.

40:45 – This Week In Wrestling

1964 – Bruno Sammartino successfully defends the WWWF against Gorilla Mosoon in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Both Bruno and Gorilla were role models for J.R who taught him how to conduct himself as a pro.

2010 – The Nexus faction disrupted a John Cena vs C.M Punk match. Daniel Bryan got a little too aggressive and got endeavoured for awhile. J.R wonders if it’s time for a new faction of guys that has a chance to become a main eventer.  

1985 – The first King of the Ring tournament occurred at the old Foxborough stadium. Don Muraco became the first King Of The Ring beating Junkyard Dog, Pedro Morales, Les Thorton and the Iron Sheik on his way to the crown. Also on the card, Hulk Hogan defended the title against Nikolai Volkoff.

2006 – ECW’s One Night Stand sold out the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. RVD captured the WWE title against John Cena.

Birthdays – ODB (Jessica Kresa) turns 40, Mick Foley (53), Howard Finkel (68), ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham (75), The late manager The Grand Wizard (89), Live Morgan (24), Maria Menounos (40), Tatanka (57), Dan Severn (60), the late great Jim Barnett (94), Terry ‘Magnum TA’ Allen (59), Mark Henry (47), Bryan Alvarez (43) and Jerry Lynn (55)

51:38 – Mailbag

As always, send your comments and questions to thejimrossreport@gmail.com.

Q: Would Jim ever do a podcast about Gorilla Monsoon

J.R says it’s a good idea and he may do that some time. If J.R did a show where he devoted a show to only one person, Monsoon would be on the short list.

Q: Would Billionaire Ted have been a good T.V personality like Vince was during the Attitude Era.

J.R says No. Way. In. Hell. Vince was the best villain the WWE had over the entire run of the Attitude Era. Mr. McMahon made Stone Cold and was a special talent.

Q: What does J.R think about Ken Shamrock’s legacy in the WWE

J.R says it is very honorable. Even though they got him late, he was getting better and better in the ring and was getting over. In J.R’s opinion he was turning into a good hand in the ring. He was believable and authentic however, he got the itch to go back into MMA which curtailed that growth. Even though he was with the WWE for a short period, he had an impressive run

Q: Can J.R talk about Dick The Bruiser

Dick The Bruiser (real name William Fritz Afflis) was a former football player and was an old school bigger than life character. J.R says he is someone to study because he’s an old school bigger than life wrestler.

Q: If J.R could pick one person to build a promotion around from any generation, who would he pick and why?

J.R says that’s a difficult question to answer but says he would have a short list. The person would preferably under 30 and reliable. He says he would start building a territory around Stone Cold or The Rock.

Q: Has J.R seen the tape of the infamous Jim Cornette Dairy Queen incident.

J.R says yes he had seen it years ago. Jim is funny, volatile and a different cat. When J.R saw it, he laughed and had seen similar incidents before.

Q: How does J.R prepare his ribs before throwing them on the grill?

J.R uses his seasoning, wraps it tight with saran wrap then grills them over low heat. He doesn’t like grilling ribs, he likes smoking ribs.

59:57 – Rey Mysterio

J.R welcomes Rey to the show who he calls one of his brothers on the road and a small giant.

They start off talking a little about their experiences at the Greatest Royal Rumble. J.R talks about being escorted to the announce position by a guy holding a machine gun. J.R also talks about being in a plane for 36 hours to work for one hour (which is insane).

Q: Rey was in Mexico City and what’s shaking in AAA?

A: Konnan came back to be the head writer for AAA. There were rumors Konnan would be bringing back the old crew and Rey said if the old crew was coming back, he wouldn’t mind being on that card. Jeff Jarrett was there as well and he beat Dr. Wagner Jr. to win their title (Mega Campeon).

Q: What was the impact that Konnan had?

A: It was incredible and intense. But it also seems like the fans in Mexico are adapting to the American style. Their smart and know what they want. If you’re a heel and they know your history, you’ll get cheered.

J.R says Konnan is going to be in the argument as one of the smartest people in wrestling. Rey agrees and adds that Konnan has an incredible eye for talent and likes to open up platforms for that talent.

Q: Is Rey Mysterio going to be on the AAA card in Madison Square Garden?

A: Both J.R and Rey joke that no-one but WWE books the Garden. J.R initial thought it was the Felt Forum which is the ‘little room’ that is part of MSG. (Quick note, it was originally called the Felt Garden back in 1968, it’s currently called the Hulu Theatre).  In J.R’s lifetime, he can’t remember any other wrestling company running MSG except the WWE.

J.R says if AAA runs an event in the Garden, it could stir up discussion and some controversy because someone not the WWE is going to run the garden doing wrestling. This could potentially put Rey in a tough spot because AAA would need to have Rey on the card if they wanted to sell out the Garden which could cause potential issues with Rey’s relationship with the WWE.

Q: Is Rey still involved in Aero Lucha?

A: Rey is still involved and is a part stock owner with the company. Aside from that, Rey is running wild and doing his own thing. Opportunities are still coming his way and if it’s something he can take advantage of he’ll run with it. Rey is heading to Japan for the New Japan Dominion show. If something big happens with him and the WWE again, great but in the meantime, he keeps doing his thing.

Q: J.R brings up Rey’s upcoming match at Dominion with Rey, Jushin Liger and Tanahashi vs Hangman Page, Cody Rhodes and Marty Scurll and asks if Liger was one of Rey’s role models.

A: Most definitely. Originally when he saw Psychosis then saw Liger, he thought Liger was ripping off Psychosis’ gear when in fact it was the other way around. Psychosis was based somewhat off the Liger character. A couple of years later after going to Japan, Rey faced Liger in WCW which was their first encounter. However since then they haven’t wrestled in the ring until now. So their first encounter was against each other, now they get to share the ring together which is very cool.

J.R says the most talented Super Juniors in the world are in New Japan and they can flat out go. This brings up a discussion about Chris Jericho who will be in Japan this weekend facing Naito. J.R says to Chris (and Rey), the world is his territory.

Rey has a lot of respect for Jericho because Chris has worked his a** off. He says Chris is a visionary and says if he sees something, he goes for it and won’t stop until he gets it. J.R talks about signing Chris to the WWE for less money than Chris’ WCW contract. It was a similar situation with Rey as well.

J.R brings up Rey’s six man tag at Dominion and is looking forward to eventually calling it on AXS TV because of the generations in that match.

Q: The topic of heels comes up but J.R says it’s almost impossible for heels to get legitimate heat anymore and if Rey has seen this?

A: Rey agrees. He says if you have a rich history as a heel and have paved your way to become a top heel, the fans appreciate that because you’re worked hard to obtain your spot and you become a babyface in the fans’ eyes.

Rey asks J.R if there’s something new to explore that can turn a heel who has turned babyface back to a heel (did that even make sense?). J.R says there are certain subtleties a heel can do in the ring that keeps the heel an antagonist but also helps the babyface become more of a babyface. J.R says there needs to be some sort of distinction and wants to root for someone to win. That said, he doesn’t know if we will ever go back to the riots or crazy crowds. One of the biggest dramatic components of the old presentation was blood which you don’t see anymore. J.R isn’t condoning blading but it is a component that wrestling doesn’t use anymore which tones down fan reactions.

Rey agrees that you can’t go and cheer for both fighters…you have to pick one or the other.

Q: J.R brings up the All In card which Rey will be at. Does Rey know who he will be working with at the card?

A: Rey doesn’t know who he’ll be working with yet but thinks they have something good in the works. He likes the way Cody and The Bucks have been promoting the show. He has had conversations with them and he has some say about who he will be working with but at the end of the day, they want to do what’s best for the fans.

Rey says he’ll be at an event called Expo Lucha the day before the All In Show. The Expo Lucha is an exposition of Lucha Libre and the culture of Lucha Libre. It normally happens in Mexico but this is the first time it’s in the US (Las Vegas). They have a few matches lined up from AAA, CMLL and Crash.

J.R and Rey push the Jericho cruise and Rey’s twitter (@reymysterio). They bring up Rey’s son who will be going to Lance Storm’s Wrestling Academy in Calgary. J.R says good luck on the match at Dominion, gives his best to Rey’s family and thanks Rey for being on the podcast.

1:22:12 – Show Wrap

J.R once again thanks Rey for being on the podcast. He goes through some of his 5 star reviews (and please write one if you have one), promotes his various upcoming appearances and that is a wrap.

Rating – 8/10

J.R is hitting his stride with his podcast. It flows much better than the first few when he came back. The Rey Mysterio interview was great. He’s a great guest and you can tell the love and respect they have for each other which added to the interview. I mentioned this before but as an older fan and someone who is into the history of pro wrestling, I really dig the ‘This Week In Wrestling’ segment, especially when he reaches way back in the archive. As a quick personal note, I thought the boy who raised money for his younger brother should have won the Slobberknocker of the Week award. I thought that was a great story. All in all, another good podcast from Good Ole’ J.R


0:00 – Intro
2:51   – What’s On J.R’s Mind
23:17 – Slobberknocker Of The Week
30:25 – Pet Coon Goofy Award
40:45 – This Week In Wrestling
51:38 – Mailbag
59:57 – Rey Mysterio
1:22:12 – Show Wrap

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Joe lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and two boys.  He’s been a fan for over 40 years and one of his life goals is to be a guest host on one of Wade Keller’s post show podcasts. He doesn’t consider himself any sort of expert.  He just likes wrestling. Check him out on twitter and instagram @ja113.

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