RECAP AND REVIEW: Killing the Town on the NJPW Dominion show, Chris Jericho taking the wheel from his driver in Osaka, the best tag teams in the world, why Naito is like Triple H

Killing the Town

Release Date: June 11, 2018

Title: Winnipeg rules! Winnipegamania!

Recap By: Dust


Cyrus is going to comment All In. Cyrus calls himself the Golden Announcer.

They then move, obviously, to Dominion.

Lazenby and Cyrus praise Dominion and Jericho and his new look and hyper-violence especially.

They talk Naito not being prone to sell much but Jericho didn’t care. Lazenby calls the match snug and stiff, a dog fight.

They discuss Michael Elgin, another Canadian, winning the Never Openweight title as well as him losing 40lbs. They joke about him going to light heavyweight via sawing his leg off.

The Young Bucks won the Heavyweight tag belts, something Cyrus says is good for the company. Cyrus says they might be the best tag team in the world, alongside LAX. Cyrus says that he was #10 trending on Twitter in North America during the Dominion show (Omega and Jericho were #1 and #3).

Then they move to will Ospreay vs. Hiromu Takahashi, which was another great match even if it didn’t surpass their previous matches.

Cyrus says he preferred the Jericho match because Jericho made Naito sell, cutting him off and brutally beating him, like a smaller version of Bruiser Brody. Even Suzuki didn’t beat up Naito so badly. Naito was being booed in Osaka when he tried to make a comeback. Cyrus discusses Naito not being that great a face because he doesn’t sell for anybody except Jericho. Lazenby agrees and compares Naito to HHH, sneering to everyone and having the upper hand against everyone. It was a good thing for Naito to be dominated.

Cyrus says that Jericho is a heel 24/7 in Japan and turned heel on some marks in his hotel.

Cyrus discusses travelling around town with Jericho as his ‘special adviser’. They managed to get a driver who didn’t know his way around Osaka despite having GPS. They found themselves driving around Osaka for an hour and a half. Jericho finally got angry and took over the wheel despite the Japanese driving on the other side of the road. Jericho even wanted to leave the driver by the road.

Lazenby says that the Omega/Okada feud was one of the greatest in history. Cyrus says that Omega looked fantastic. They discuss finishers.

Cyrus discusses not getting feedback from his producers but instead from friends and Twitter even though he ‘has no flaws’ on commentary. Cyrus says he reverted from commentator to Omega manager. Cyrus ‘manages’ from the announce position.

“Hook the leg” will become legend.

Lazenby says that Cyrus and Kevin Kelly work without handcuffs, unlike WWE commentary, and are therefore more legitimate. Lazenby says that Omega works fluidly and aggressively, even as part of the Golden Lovers.

Cyrus boasts about his commentary. Cyrus plugs Jim Ross and their upcoming podcast interview on the Ross Report.

Cyrus says he never listens back to his commentary.

They discuss possible storylines, maybe with Jericho feuding with EVIL after he made the save for Naito.

Lazenby wonders if the Japanese talent will be shaken up by gajiin (Canadians) holding three top belts and compares it to foreigners invading sumo. The Japanese wrestlers need to turn things up.

Cyrus hopes Lazenby will join him on the next Japan tour.

Cyrus says that Impact will definitely be on the Jericho cruise.

Lazenby asks if Sami Callihan will be present, Cyrus says having him on the boat would be a bad idea.

Cyrus mentions the Impact Toronto press conference for Slammiversay July 22nd 2018.

Cyrus plugs the show and the Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards fight in the woods (it was cool).

Lazenby praises CM Punk for taking MMA seriously and respecting the sport. Lazenby talks lying his way into Pancrase. Lazenby hopes CM Punk will fight again at a lower level.

Lazenby will be appearing for the third time in Gears of War 5 as Phoenix.

Lazenby talks When We Were Bouncers 1 and 2.

Lazenby invites female bouncers to contact him.

Lance Storm isn’t dead.

Short episode.

Score:  7 – predictable.

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