RECAP & REVIEW: Killing the Town – Lance Storm returns, happy birthday Bret Hart, remembering Matt Cappotelli, hyping Juice Robinson, and more

Killing the Town

Release Date: June 26, 2018

Recap By: Dust

Welcome to the Putting NJPW and Impact over podcast.

In breaking news, Lance isn’t dead!

Podcast was taped on July 2nd, Bret Hart’s birthday.

They wish him happy birthday.

Lazenby mentions he’s a Hart Foundation alumni.

Lazenby then moves to NJPW, mentioning he’s working with NJPW young lion Yota Tsuji’s twin brother.

(sorry no proper video)

Cyrus says that Yota (calling him Yoda, I burst my sides laughing) isn’t on his radar because young lions (black shorts) don’t have names for him.

They then discuss Young Bucks working closely with Jericho in the Alpha Club.

Cyrus cryptically hints this is his doing as the shadow broker behind the scenes. Cyrus is breaking down walls. The Alpha Club is the new hot thing.

They then move to Juice Robinson and his new barnburner promo. (profane)

Cyrus mentions his new promo is also excellent – on induction into the Keeping It 100 Hall Of Fame (sorry can’t find a clip or even the episode).

Cyrus then puts Juice over and discusses going drinking with him and Jericho in Osaka – afterwards they executed wrestling moves on fans in a hotel. Says you can build a company around a talent like Juice. Lazenby calls him a young luddite who avoids social media, quoting “you can’t find me on social media but if you find me in a bar, I’ll talk your head off.”

The sky’s the limit for Juice, the ‘Pope of Roppongi’, one of Cyrus’ favorite people to go clubbing with.

They discuss that going out with Jericho might end with a fight, usually with Jericho.

Cyrus returns to Bret Hart. Cyrus tells an anecdote, the day Hart was told by Vince that he couldn’t afford Hart’s contract (set up for the Montreal Screw Job), was the day that Cyrus debuted at Madison Square Garden for the WWF and even though Bret might have had a bad day, he still intervened to stop Cyrus getting his hair shaved as planned.

They discuss greatest wrestlers of all time and Bret Hart being up there.

Cyrus says he had a top ten list in his newsletter with Bret and Shawn Michaels being the top two. Shawn Michaels was the more spectacular bumper and performer in the ring but Bret was more believable, suspension of disbelief was easier. Shawn was the better face but Bret was the better heel. Bret did a lot for independent Canadian wrestlers who had difficulty getting into the WWF, especially if they were smaller.

Lazenby talks moving from wrestling into martial arts – and then watching Bret’s in-ring work with an educated eye, looking realistic.
They discuss the infamous ‘Megaman’ Tom Magee who was a phenomenal athlete, Vince McMahon’s wet dream and was instantly signed after working a tryout with Bret… then it turned out that he couldn’t work at all.

20:45 – Lance Storm reappears to talk Matt Cappotelli.

Lance first met Matt on Tough Enough III during a guest training spot which never aired.

Lance says everybody liked Matt when they met him, like a young Sting with fire and potential as well as being a nice person.

Matt wouldn’t say anything bad about anybody, even after getting a severe shoot-work beating from Bob Holly.

Matt was always on time and would help anybody out, especially in OVW where he trained under Lance.

Matt had horrible luck in his career.

Matt was supposed to debut on WWF and win the cruiserweight title but got a concussion from Bob Holly, losing his spot to Jacqueline.

Six months later Matt and Miz were supposed to come up together but Matt got injured at an OVW house show.

His third attempt for a debut was cancelled after he took a chair shot. The MRI then revealed he had a brain tumor… which was probably good luck not bad luck. He still managed to live another decade.

Lance once again says he was an incredibly nice and positive guy.

Lazenby says that Matt would probably have had a career path like John Morrison – who Lance says is less likeable then Matt (a Ricky Steamboat face).

27:00 – Lance worked twice with Matt and discusses his one night stand in 2005 when he came back to wrestling. He worked a house show with Matt when another wrestler tweaked his knee (Matt was in the Thrillseekers 2.0 and Lance was one half of the originals). They got a huge pop.

Lance discusses Matt’s finisher, the Flavor-Glide, and combining it with the Cabbage Patch at the event. It was one of the most fun matches in Lance’s life.

They then move to Lance’s current status.

Lance says that he’s just very busy and the podcast was taking too much time. Cyrus appears. Lance is busy with the Storm Wrestling Academy and is thankful that Lazenby stepped in to replace him on the podcast.

Lance plugs his twitter (@lancestorm) and his school.

#tbt January 2007 #SWA Can you spot Tyler Breeze?

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After the ads and Lance leaving, Cyrus and Lance put over Theo Rossi (Juice in Sons of Anarchy, Shades in Luke Cage). Rossi has an interest in wrestling…

Cyrus puts over Impact, including Johnny Impact coming back and the upcoming 7.22.2018 event in Toronto.

They do their plugs.

PS Cyrus is Dino Velvet, appearing at Excalibur Gentleman’s Club.

Score: 4/10 Pretty boring apart from the short Lance appearance and the usual ads at the beginning, end and twice in the middle. I’d guess 1/3 ads and it felt like half.

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