RECAP AND REVIEW: Killing The Town – Cyrus reveals his thoughts on Roman Reigns, the wrestlers he’d compare Fenix and Pentagon Jr. to, working with Josh Mathews, his favorite color commentators

Killing the Town

Release Date: August 20, 2018

Recap By: Dust


No Lazenby again.

Cyrus talks watching Summerslam incognito at a Toronto bar.

He discusses talking with fans about watching Impact and going to Slammiversary. Two fans said Slammiversary was the best live show they had seen. He promised to get them tickets to the next event when he finally revealed his identity.

He watched the Ronda Rousey match, first time he saw her do anything in WWE. Thought she did well and brought intensity that is sometimes lacking in the business. The match with Bliss was well laid out.

He also watched Reigns vs. Lesnar, thought it was well booked. Thinks that Reigns would be a top guy in Japan, thinks a lot of him despite the challenges he’s faced. Thought he had a good, well booked match with Lesnar and the MITB cash in attempt. He thinks Reigns needs to run with the ball. Bookers shouldn’t be worried about changing plans to satisfy fans – fans shouldn’t hijack shows. Only pro wrestling has fan rebellions for the sake of rebelling – fans would be thrown out of different types of entertainment. Maybe people should reevaluate why the go to shows. You don’t have to like everything but you’re rebelling regardless of what is happening.

Cyrus used to be a smark with his friends and they used to try and do things to stand out in the first row. Bob Holiday was the local WWE guy – formerly American Wrestling Association. Bob Holiday looked like he should have belonged to the Rat Pack. Cyrus and friends would mess with Bob Holiday and the wrestlers, trying to pop them. They wouldn’t shout insults during the match but wait for moments of silence to shout ridiculous things, for instance shouting to Rick Rude that he should lift some weights – he cursed them out in response.

They also messed with the Rougeau Bros, calling out to Jacques that he should join a gym – Jacques replied he didn’t need to because he was making 500k a year.

Cyrus and friends would try to pop the wrestlers without hijacking the show.

Fans shouldn’t mess with a wrestler just to mess with them.

He puts Reigns over as a good wrestler, great looks and genuinely a good dude.

He recaps Impact wrestling tapings and episodes. Says people should seek out the Brian Cage vs. Fenix match.

Cyrus puts over Brian Cage and says the Fenix match was one in which he showed all his abilities. Cage is big but can do incredible moves.

Cyrus also puts over Pentagon and Fenix.

Fenix is like young Rey Mysterio while Pentagon has a mystique like Undertaker.

Cyrus calls Pentagon on of the top five wrestlers in the world. Remind him of Ultimo Dragon, especially with Jericho, back in 1996 at the WAR promotion which Cyrus was booking for Tony Condello.

Cyrus discusses bringing Ultimo Dragon and wrestling him. Ultimo Dragon loved working the North American style. Again compares him with Pentagon, saying he has the potential to be the best in the world.

Cyrus moves to Josh Mathews who has been taking flack. Cyrus says he’s worked with a lot of play by play commentators and Josh is a very good one. The work of a play by play commentator is very difficult, including keeping track of cues and plugs. Josh is very functional and professional, coming from WWE. They’re beginning to hit their stride together.

There will be a special guest discussing commentary soon (Jim Ross!).

Cyrus’ favorite color commentator was Jesse Ventura, followed by Bobby Heenan. Cyrus loved Gorilla Monsoon but he might not have sold enough on commentary – so Vince was a better pairing with Jesse. Cyrus suspects there was real tension between Vince McMahon and Jesse. Vince however wasn’t Cyrus’ favorite play by play guy, that would be Jim Ross.

Cyrus learnt a lot from JR, including ‘stuff’ he’s using today. He learnt in 1997 how to ‘lay out’ which means you don’t have to talk all the time. This is useful nowadays, especially when commentating New Japan Pro Wrestling. ‘Laying out’ is also good in day to day life. Saying nothing can be advantageous. Cyrus also learnt to talk in sound bites, make your point in short order, something again applicable in day to day life.

Vince and Jesse were Cyrus’ favorite team. Cyrus wants to know what Vince thinks about Jesse – and who his favorite color commentator is. Cyrus suspects it was Jesse.

Cyrus puts Lawler but he was almost too funny and less of a heel.

Cyrus puts Impact and Fight Network over.

Lazenby is getting ready to beat up Disco Inferno on the Jericho cruise.

Cyrus finishes up with discussing the Keeping It 100 Hall of Fame induction. Cyrus is mad that Frankie Kazarian got in before Cyrus. The supposed ‘unfollowing’ of Shane Helms is halting the induction, Cyrus thinks maybe his publicist was to blame and cites an anonymous Apple VP. Cyrus says he has been inducted into 17 different HOFs during the last year. Cyrus threatens ‘jack-ass’ ‘looks like an idiot’ Disco for standing in the way of democracy and filibustering.

Cyrus wants to teach Disco a very painful physical lesson.

Score: 5 – Just some thoughts from Cyrus.

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