RECAP AND REVIEW: Heated Conversations with Booker T on coming out of retirement, Ronda in The UFC Hall of Fame, Daniel Cormier and the G.O.A.T of MMA, a Randy Travis cover and more

Heated Conversations with Booker T – Episode 164

Release Date: July 7th, 2018

Recap by: James Hayes



Booker still has it. A few weeks ago, he and his Co-Host Brad Gilmore visited a local Houston club and he was approached by a beautiful young lady. She inquired about his status. Is he single? No. He tells her he’s married. She inquired as to whether or not he was happily married. Booker introduced her to his lovely wife Sharmell. She was standing about five feet away, and looked as if she was about to come out of retirement, on this chick. The Queen was not amused. The young lady took a powder.

Speaking of coming out of retirement, Booker is seriously thinking about doing it. Book says he never actually retired from wrestling. It’s Harlem Heat that is retired. There was some match they had called Final Heat. Find it below.

Does he miss it? No. Will he put the black and white boots on again? Never say never.

Booker says at 40 men should step back from competing. Only in MMA though. Fair enough. Gilmore says. “Look at Flair, who wrestled to the age of 63. Or at Terry Funk. Guy is in his 70’s. I think Big Van Vader even wrestled up to a month before his death.”

Booker T is 53 years old and still looks like he can go. Would this be for Reality of Wrestling or WWE? More importantly does he still have the hops? He admits his Spinarooni will have to be just as smooth and nice. That Scissor Kick better still be violent. The Sidekick must still devastate his opponents. Otherwise he might lose some of the royal dignity he possesses.

Seriously, Book feels that as the leader of Reality of Wrestling, if he can’t show the kids how to work, he is not doing his job. (Knowing when to leave may be an even stronger lesson to teach them.)

Gilmore tells him. “If we do another match, it must be a high dollar amount involved.” He then says Booker always quotes “Don’t do something you are good at for free.” (I’m pretty certain that actually was The Joker in Dark Knight.)

Another reason to come back is for his family legacy. He would love his 7-year old son to see him in action. He is a John Cena fan. Caught Cena’s hat at a show and refused to take it off. (Enough said. Book must come back.) Gilmore then made a good point about Booker’s history of matches. He worked with Ric Flair in his prime, Goldberg, Hogan, and has also wrestled the current champ A.J. Styles. Booker still wonders how his career turned out so amazing.

Well, apparently MVP has decided to give up on his podcasting career, as well as his wrestling career. It’s a mystery. Even MVP himself said he does not know why he quit. It’s a mystery. Booker will track him down and bring him to the podcast to explain it. He wants, no, demands answers!

(He is sort of a Shaft of The Squared Circle.)

The guys now discuss Kane (Glenn Jacobs). He won his primary for Mayor of Knox County. He is being heavily criticized by his opponent Linda Haney, for wrestling when he should be focused on his commitment to serve the people. Booker says Kane is one the smartest guys around and will have no problem serving two masters.


Book discusses The Ultimate Fighter Finale. “Israel Adesany from Africa, is the next Jon Jones. Only more technical. Mandingo Tribe!” Book screams this at Gilmore, who was clearly uncomfortable regarding the Mandingo word. (I wonder why.)

Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz continue their grudge. Another fight is scheduled for them. It finishes the trilogy. Too old. Their combined age is 91. But Booker confesses he will watch anyway. (He will be alone. Over three-quarters of fans say they will not order this fight.)

Max Halloway pulled out of another fight. This is the third time this year. UFC pulled him because of a concussion. Booker had the same happened to him by John Laurinaitis. He admits it sucked at the time, but at times you need someone to tell you when to slow down.

Booker HATES the UFC 226 main event of Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier. Booker says DC is fat and unlikable. Oh, his haircut is also ugly. (It offends him!) He says it’s a good thing other fighters respect him, because his personality is not great. Many are saying if DC beats Stippe he is the best ever.

Here comes the swerve.

Booker now says DC could be seen as the greatest. The Jon Jones fight does not count. He was juiced like a bag of fruit. Gilmore disagrees passionately. “DC never changed the sport. He has not transcended it. You could put Conor McGregor, Randy Couture, or even Ronda Rousey above DC.” Booker now says Royce Gracie is the greatest and DC will lose to Stippe.

(Book has complex feelings for DC.)

Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert!

Nope. DC won with a first round knock-out.

Booker and Brad congratulate Ronda Rousey for entering The UFC Hall of Fame. She is the only woman to ever achieve this honor. Both guys agree she deserves it because she absolutely changed the very fabric of not just The UFC, but all of MMA. Ronda is the one that truly transcended the sport. No fighter mentioned above can touch her.

Booker even praised her work in WWE. (He seems proud of her.)


Back from a break we are greeted with 1983’s “Eyes Without a Face”.

Booker loves Billy Idol almost as much as he loves Randi Travis. Gilmore says he has eclectic music taste. Book says Randy Travis was a bad man! He plays “I’m Gonna Love You Forever”. The two guys start singing the song as it plays in the background. (It starts okay. Then it goes on too long.) All of a sudden Booker triggers and demands it is turned off. He says that song reminds him of being in prison. It always played on the small radio he had in his cell. It inspired and motivated him. (What?)

Wanna hear it?

Feel inspired?

The Jackson Five’s “Can You Feel It?” starts to play. By the way, Booker thinks that if Michael Jackson did those 50 concert dates he would be dead anyway. (I guess he just wanted us to know that.)


Booker feels that Lebron going to LA will be a game-changer. Gilmore does not agree. He thinks it will be years before he is able to restore The Lakers to greatness. Book counters that right now The Lakers are putting together supporting players to assist Lebron. Gilmore suggest they add Carmelo Anthony to the team. Booker vetoes that idea. He believes he is done.

(So do I. Carmelo is a “shoot junkie” and his best days never really came. He is the NBA’s version of Damien Sandow.)

Booker T Random Quote of the Week:

“Every year a man gets older.”

(Thanks Book. Never thought of it like that.)

Final Thoughts:

This was another fun episode. Although it can be argued that the random switching of subjects is a little frustrating. But I like the free flow of the show. It’s like being in the studio with these guys. They simply are your friends, and every week, you all get together to hang out.

Score: 7.5/10

See ya next week!

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