RECAP AND REVIEW: Heated Conversations with Booker T – why Booker has beef with Ahmed Johnson and how powerbombs were involved, thoughts on Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones, Floyd Mayweather and more

Heated Conversations with Booker T

Episode 176: Booker Has Beef With Ahmed Johnson, Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones is Back, Floyd Mayweather May Return

Release Date: September 22nd, 2018

Recap By: James Hayes


Booker T and Co-Host Brad Gilmore invite you to the show!

The guys are feeling themselves because they have had a string of great interview with the likes of, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, and Xavier Woods.

Good stuff that you can check out on my recaps.

Booker vs. Ahmed

Booker has issues with Ahmed Johnson. He refuses to even call him Ahmed because his government name is Tony Morrison. He will address him with that. (That’s always a sign of disrespect.) Turns out every time Johnson has an interview Booker’s name comes up, and he is tired of it, so he’s calling the big man out.

Booker wants to challenge him to something he knows Tony has a shot of winning: A gingerly walk around the block. Or maybe they can have a pie eating contest. Brad says that he knows for a fact Big T has a chance at winning that one. Why? The man has clearly put some pies away. Brad wants to up the stakes and suggests that they eat the pie first then take a walk around the block.

Any of these options work for Booker.

On second thought, Booker puts on his promoter hat and decides to offer Tony a one-on-one PPV.

Reality of Wrestling: Putting the Baby to Bed

There’s more to this story.

“I remember back in the day when we were in wrestling school. He came in at the tail end. We were in this palatial and plush environment. Televisions were hooked up. One day we were practicing. You know me I’m quick, I’m agile, I’m fast, versatile, mobile, sometimes hostile, but not at this point. We were going over leapfrogs, tackles, drop downs, wristlocks, arm bars, all the basic tools one wrestler needs to make it to the top. I always tell my students you got to know what it takes to make it in this business. You gotta know how to make it in the locker room before you make it in the ring. You gotta know how to work with these guys before someone wants to work with you.

I’m working with Ahmed Johnson, and I’m tying him up like a pretzel. I’m running circles around him, beating that man from pillar to post. We are just having fun. He wanted to work on some of his moves. And these moves happen to be power slams and power bombs. He was 300 pounds. I told Tony that we are practicing and no one wants to do power bombs, because someone could get hurt. We do that when the crowd is here. He said he still wanted to practice it, and I said we are not doing it, and if there is a problem we can handle it after practice. I let him know I will be waiting for him. I was twenty-six, mean, and frustrated. After practice, he apologized. I think that’s what the beef is. All these years he is calling me a sell-out. I hate a man that calls me that. I’m not a hard man to find, 10,000 Emmett F Lowry Express.”

“I am going to post some pictures of me and I challenge Ahmed Johnson to post one of himself.”

Brad warns that Ahmed may be related to Chuck Norris and if so, he is in trouble. (I would agree.)

Booker vs. Big T (Ahmed Johnson)

Brock Lesnar

Brad noted how great Brock looked at Hell in a Cell. “He looks lean and mean and shredded and looking for a fight.” Booker responds,” Lesnar is looking good, but I feel DC is gonna be up for this match. I could be wrong, but… It’s gonna be a big payday, and Brock will have one of the biggest paydays anyone will have in 2019.” Brad grunts in agreement, “Brock is rumored to get close to seven figures in Saudi Arabia at WWE’s Crown Jewel.”

Booker says that Brock is about to make some serious ends. More than he ever has before. He hopes he saves his money. He learned to always save your money in this industry.

Jon Jones

USADA has cleared Jones after just fifteen months. It was a retroactive suspension from USADA. Originally it was going to be 24 months, but obviously, some politics came into play. He is free to resume his career on October 28th of this year.

Booker’s thoughts:

‘It’s almost like they gave him parole or deferred adjudication. We gone wipe this clean. Remember the guy in the Matrix? Mr. Anderson brought Neo into the office and said, “We know you are the hacker but, we will wipe this clean.”, then moved the binder-top to the side as he said, ”Work with me on this.” Brad notes, “It’s like USADA decides, “Jon you’ve been a good sport so we will wipe this clean.”

Daniel Cormier’s official response:

“Here’s the deal when it comes to USADA they can’t come to my house anymore at 6 am. I mean what’s the point? They’ve been to my house 15 times. Enough USADA, don’t come to my house anymore I’m not going to fail a drug test. I’m not going to make any mistakes. I’ve been drug tested 70 times since I started wrestling. It’s not that hard.”

Booker feels DC is just crying. He remembers that when Tupac got out of jail he thought people would be happy. Book says, “Jones is out and DC is not happy about it.”

(Booker has a very complex view of Daniel Cormier. Sometimes he feels he may be The GOAT. Other times Booker says he’s an ugly crybaby with a bad haircut.)

Although Jones is back, Daniel Cormier is not interested in fighting (or losing to) him again. Booker then quotes the words Cormier said through tears after his last fight with Jon Jones. “There is no trilogy if you lose.”

Booker thinks Jones can now rule the Light Heavyweight Division because DC is living on the high of being The UFC Heavyweight Champion. And that has weight. Booker remembers going to Japan. He entered a crowded restaurant and was told that they were full, but had a seat for him.

Floyd Mayweather

Money Mayweather says he may be coming out of retirement. Brad wonders if there should be a limit to how many fights you can have, because of potential brain damage, maybe no more than 30?

Booker says, “Back in the day, guys like Sugar Ray Robinson would have 100 fights, and how you gone tell a man how to live his life? It’s hard to say. It’s not like an old guy driving and you take his license from him. But pilots can’t fly after their 60’s.

Booker adds that if Mayweather comes back it will be against another older guy like Manny Pacquiao. Someone he has already beat.

Does Booker want to see this fight?

“Manny still has punching power. There is still something left in the tank. We see him fight Lucas Matthysse, and he schooled him! We then saw him against Antonio Barrera, and Pacquiao got knocked out cold. The worst I’ve seen in my life. Can he go out there and put something special on with Mayweather? Possibly. We don’t know. The last fight Mayweather had with Conor McGregor, of course, he had the bigger guns, he had the most advantages from that fight because they were boxing. Let’s see what he can do… I don’t know if you know that Mayweather said he has to have a tune-up fight before he even fights Pacquiao. Who is the tune-up fight gonna be with, Conor McGregor?

Brad replies, “I think Mayweather has picked his spots better than anyone in terms of knowing where to go and who to fight, like getting Canelo Alvarez when he was young enough, getting Pacquiao on his resume before he leaves, getting McGregor. He always delivers on fights people want to see.”

Booker says he is a fan and he will watch. People want to see Floyd get beat. If Pacquiao can do it people will pay to see it.

Before The Final Bell

Brad asks Booker about the complaints from some fans about too many legends taking spots from the active roster.

“I never officially retired. I’m looking to have one more fight. I’m in shape. Maybe that last fight will be against Ahmed Johnson. I don’t think he can get through customs. Maybe one half of him can.”

Brad hopes Booker’s last match is with Shawn Michaels. Booker notes that HBK is like “The Fish Called Wanda” the one that got away!

Score: 7.5 out of 10

Overall Observations:

This was a 40-minute show. Lately, many of Booker’s shows have been about that long. I’m not complaining. I like it when the shows don’t drag on and on. This episode flies by! Booker’s Ahmed Johnson story is funny and I hope the two guys mix it up, and it is always interesting to see if Booker likes Daniel Cormier this week or not.

That’s about it.

See ya next week!

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