RECAP AND REVIEW: Heated Conversations with Booker T w/ Big Cass on why WWE let him go, what he plans to to next, why he doesn’t think he’ll reunite with Enzo Amore, Booker’s SmackDown appearance

Heated Conversations with Booker T

Release Date: September 1st, 2018

Recap by: James Hayes


Booker T and Co-Host Brad Gilmore welcome you to the show!

“King of the Woooooooorld!!!!!!!” Booker T

Smackdown Cameo

Booker T had no idea what he was going to do. He had a call at the last minute. The fans were very receptive in Canada. Brad thinks Booker should now become a member of New Day. Booker vetoes that idea immediately. He honestly believes it’s the young guys time.

Brad wants to know what the procedure was when he got into Canada. Book tells him customs was serious. He’d rather go to Iowa. But Toronto is a great place. So when he gets there he asked Arn Anderson, “Why am I here?” Arn finally told him why. He then meets up with New Day. “I can see why those guys overcame so many obstacles. Up close and personal. I always knew.” He says New Day take whatever it is and make it the best it could possibly be. “Backstage going over stuff, Big E had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to forget all my lines. I told them if I forget my lines you better tell me what they are.” As soon as Booker got out there he no longer needed a script. “It all came back to me. King Booker was back! The moment was mine. All I had to do is take the reigns. It was Toronto in all of its splendor!”

Social Media

Booker says it sucks. People wish they had his job. His life. Some fan called Booker out for doing whatever WWE ask him to do. But Booker feels the reason he lasted so long is because he does not just do what they want him to do. He won the TV Championship because Rick Martell did not bring his ring gear that night. He knew once he got it that they would need the “bolt cutters of life” to get it off of him. He went on to win 6. All because he took a moment, and made it an opportunity. “Don’t let those people put you down and say things that are not relevant. All you social media suckas unfollow me!”

Big Cass

Booker always felt he would be a future world champ but now he is a thing of the past. Let’s find out why.

Booker: We got somebody on the line with us right now. The world is anticipating this interview, William Morrissey aka Big Cass. Big Cass!

Cass: What’s going on, Book?

Booker:  I’m doing good. How about you?

Cass: I’m doing good too.

Booker: We just bumping some of this Cardi B. She’s really hot.

Cass: Oh yeah, in more ways than one.

Booker: Again. How are you doing?

Cass: Good. I’m just living my life. Hitting the gym. Waiting for my 90 days to expire. 

Booker: Last time you were here everything was fine. My guy. One of the best big men in my estimation!! The question is what happened?

Cass: Book, I’m gonna be honest with you. I made a lot of mistakes. A lot of mistakes in a short period of time. I did some things I shouldn’t have done. The company couldn’t rely on me. They couldn’t trust me. In my opinion, they made the right decision… for them. Not saying I won’t be back. But at that point and time, they made the right decision for them, and to be honest with you, looking on it, they made the right decision for me.

Booker: To be able to say that takes a big man. Would you have fired yourself?

Cass: I definitely would have fired myself. If I was in Vince MaMahon’s position I would’ve fired myself. One hundred percent.

Booker: I asked that because I asked myself many many times, “Would I have sent myself to prison?” I would have. I learned so much from that experience. Having everything taken away from me. I did wrong at the ultimate level.

Cass: Exactly.

Booker: My Mother always told me I know right from wrong. So, for you to be able to say that. Look at Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. Drew, in particular, was saying he was too young and did not understand the opportunity he had. I ask the same of you. What’s going to be your route back at that grand stage?

Cass: I started young training at Johnny Rodz and never got to see what else was out there. A year into training I got a call from WWE. Then I went to FCW. So, my whole career has been WWE and FCW. I just want to get out there and see what’s going on. I will be back, but now I will take the opportunity and see. I will be back in WWE if they will have me back. 

Booker: How much time you got left? A month?

Cass: I have twenty-two days.

Booker: You are going to see that you will have more work than you can handle. Pick it wisely. Do not get injured at a rinky-dink indie show picking up a few dollars. Japan, New Mexico, and Puerto Rico will be a great option for you. If you want to. In Chicago tonight it’s sold out 10,000 people. You could be part of that.

Cass: Isn’t it crazy what they are…

Call drops.

Brad: It dropped, but it seems like he is self-aware. He realizes he made a mistake. 

Booker: Some guys complain like the company owes them something. This is real. Like any job.

Brad: I believe he’s back.

The call picks up again.

Booker: Cass you were saying about All In?

Cass: I can’t believe they sold that many tickets.

Booker: That should show you that there is life after WWE. Find out what works best for you. Hone your craft. The first show that Jinder did after he left WWE was for us. Jinder came and worked on the show. He was so down because he thought he should have been a much better worker than the guys here on the show. He realized the guys here at Reality are as good as, if not better than him. It showed him that he had to go out there and put in work, and I look at him now, if he came back to Reality of Wrestling he would overshadow everybody on the roster. That’s how much he has grown. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Cass: I believe that. When Jinder left he was with 3MB and returns to win the title within 6 months.

Booker: Do you ever think about reuniting with Enzo?

A pause from Cass.

Cass: No.

The guys laugh.

Cass: What we had at NXT and WWE was special. I feel it ran its course. They pulled the trigger at the right time. Unfortunately, I got injured. Me and him do not keep in touch and we’re not friends. I just don’t think it’s a possibility. If the money is right I’ll do it.

Book and Brad laugh.

Brad: Just like the spinerooni came out of retirement.

Cass: Never say never. Maybe one day we will reunite and be good friends again.

Booker: Are you able to rank Real-1’s mic skills?

Cass laughs loudly. Booker and Brad follow.

Brad: You know how I feel.

Booker: What?

Cass: That’s his name?

Booker: You haven’t seen all the videos? Real-1 is hot! “Bury Me A G”, is one of the hottest songs on youtube.

Brad: Yeah. 

Cass: Really? Good for him. Is he really one of the hottest rappers out now?

Brad starts laughing again.

Booker: These are high dollar videos, too.

Brad continues laughing.

Brad: They definitely put some money in it.

Booker: You cannot tell me you did not know.

Cass: I really had no idea he was doing that well. Maybe after the interview, I’ll give it a listen.

Booker: My partner, Brad, he loves Real 1.

Brad: I’m not the biggest fan, but…

Booker: Come on, man.

Brad:  Cass, have you unplugged from the wrestling world?

Booker: Detox.

Cass: I haven’t watched Smackdown or Raw. Nothing since I got released. Not a single second. I don’t even know who the champions are. I assume Brock…

Booker: No he is not. Roman is the Universal Champ.

Cass: Good for him. I really like Roman.

Booker: Do you want to do some movies or tv?

Cass: I’d love too. Acting is something I could do well with.

Booker: One good role like Batista. or the Rock. I think you could do it.

Cass: I’d love to.

Booker: Another thing is that I am a coach and a trainer. Would you consider coming down here to Reality of Wrestling and refining your skills a little bit?

Cass: For sure. You are based out in Houston? I would definitely come down there.

Booker: Bobby Lashley came down and trained with me. MVP is another one. They set under the learning tree and learned the art of doing nothing.

Cass: Which is what wrestling is. Doing the least and getting the best reaction. I think MVP is working for a company I am thinking of working with called CWL. So, obviously, I have to call… This guy pitched me from CWL and his passion really clicked for me.

Booker: Hurricane Helms called me and told me he is all booked up.

Cass: I never experienced that, Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan have. Bryan has been a huge help to me. They both say there’s a lot of money out there now.

Booker: New Japan has really become hot. Adam Cole was at every signing. I asked when he would sign. He said he did not know. I told him they would.

Cass: He is one of the best guys in NXT. A great human being,

Booker: He got signed, came up to me and gave me a big hug. I root for you young guys to make it.

Cass: I will say this since I debuted you were one of my biggest advocates in the back. You took me under your wing very quickly.

Booker: I don’t do that with too many people. I saw something in you. Do your time. When I was locked up I made sure I was not gonna make the same mistakes again. 

Cass: When you released you are bitter and mad, but now I see I was not doing well.

Booker: When fans cheer you and ask for autographs. You start thinking it’s all about you. True life. That’s the beginning of the downfall. It is not about you. The guys that make it to the end are the ones that don’t make demands. Take the script that is given to you and make the best of it. Cream rises to the top. I’m gonna make the people want to see me. The writers will find stuff for me.

Cass: You should take that audio clip of what you just said and give it to every wrestling school. That was perfectly said.

Booker: Thank you. How can people find Big Cass? We want to see you back. How do people get into contact?

Cass:  It’s ttps:// I haven’t changed it.

Booker: Because you know you’ll be back.

Cass: That is the best way to hit me up.

Booker: 22 days. I want you down here in Houston.

Cass: Text me. We will make it happen.


“All these guys have something to prove, I like what they have done. It’s all about the presentation. Putting on a show is not easy. We do it every month.” Brad goes on about how much he has enjoyed the build-up to the NWA Championship title.

Below is a clip of the build up. 


Booker feels with the success of this show Cody has true control of his career. He banked on himself. He put it all on the line for himself. Dusty would be proud!

Booker continues that Cody admitted last year was the first time he ever made seven figures. “If you can make that money and do it your way, why not? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. People told me to leave WCW. But Why? I’m happy here.” 

Brad asks Booker, “Do you think Cody should return to WWE?” 

“If Cody returns he won’t be able to do what he’s doing now. Cody always thought he was competing with Ted and Randy, but what does he think will happen now with that talent. It won’t be easy. Aint but a few spots left.”, Booker makes it clear.


Booker name checks everyone at the event. Madusa. Bruce Prichard. Kevin Nash. He then says they should have done a show there also. Brad reminds him that they got an offer, but…

Score: 8 out of 10.

Final Observations:

Fun show with a big-time interview from the controversial Big Cass. That interview coupled with the Smackdown appearance has given Booker a pretty big profile this week. I think Booker should have pushed Cass for more details regarding his firing, but I think Booker wanted to keep Cass in a safe space, just in case he can convince him to come to Reality of Wrestling. This episode was noteworthy and brisk. Clocking in at about 80 minutes.

See ya next week!


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