RECAP AND REVIEW: Heated Conversations with Booker T on paying dues, Booker’s first match, hip hop and UFC talk

Heated Conversations with Booker T

Release Date: September 8, 2018

Recap by: James Hayes


Booker T and Co-Host Brad Gilmore welcome you to the show!

The road to Christmas Chaos Begins for Reality of Wrestling World Champ Rex Anderson he has paid his dues and now he is the face of the promotion.

Booker speaks on paying dues

“I started in late 90. Within a couple of months, I was on television. My first match was with Dusty Wolf, also known as Doink the Clown. My first match that I thought I had was with Killer Tim Brooks. I don’t want to call him bad names, but he didn’t like the brothas. Let me just say that. But he taught me a lot. He actually said we were going to do everything we were supposed to, and then forgot about it and just beat me up in the ring.”

Brad asks Booker to discuss what other kinds of the dues he had to pay.

“When you come into Reality of Wrestling you are a grunt. Me? I was always a main eventer. I paid no dues since the early days of the independent circuit here. I went over with Tugboat Taylor I was a main eventer, even though the guys didn’t want me to be a main eventer. They tried to hold me back. But everybody liked G.I. Bro. I came into my first WCW PPV and was with Sid Vicious and Big Van Vader, may God rest his soul. WWE, from day one I walked in and beat up on Steve Austin, slapping this boy around like he stole something! Beating him up like he owed me money. I was the man. I did it all! Not many have done it like I have. It was GOD!!!!! ”

Co-Host Brad chirps in that Booker sounds like a Pastor as Aretha’s funeral.

(After his ego trip Booker concedes that he did pay his dues. He was just joking, kids.)

Champ vs. Title

Brad now raises the question about what titles actually mean in this work industry. You talk about championships just being props, but it is a sign that the promotion is saying you are our guy.”

Booker says, “The championship is one thing. The title is something different. When you hold the title as World Champion that means you are representing the company at that moment in time. Television champ, you are representing the company, Intercontinental Champ, you represent the company. They chose you to put that title on because someone saw something special in you. The fans see something in you that is of a certain quality. That’s what the title has meant to me for all these years. Be the champion for the greatest sport in the history of the world, in my mind. Not only do you have to entertain, but you have to go out there and be able to go for 30 minutes or so.”

(He lost me somewhere in there.)

Hip Hop Beef

Brad Gilmore brings up the recent confrontation between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Seems the young ladies got into a beef recently.

“They got into it at some New York some formal event. They were dressed up in gowns. Apparently, Nicki Minaj made some snide remark about Cardi B’s newborn baby. Cardi says, “I can put up with a lot, but I can’t take anything about on my child.” Booker says, “You don’t talk about nobody’s baby. Nicki had her run. These female rappers have to understand, there isn’t going to be but one at a time. Okay? Brad quips, “One big star at a time, like Da Brat, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Roxanne Shante, then the Real Roxanne, then there’s Foxy and Lil Kim.” Booker agrees, “One right after the other. If they just paid homage to the next coming in, it would be an easier transition. I can see Nicki and Cardi B on tour, then they can bring in Lil Kim.” Brad adds that Nicki has had beef with all of them including Remy Ma, so she can’t do that.”

Booker follows up that as these women get older they can have reunion tours and make money together. “Right now it’s about this Me Too movement and it’s not about fighting each other. If they were throwing shoes, they were throwing certain statements around. Everybody becomes a such and such.”  Brad enthusiastically confirms it, “I can’t let you… After the show, I’ll let you read Cardi’s statement.”

Booker implores us to love each other. ”In the name of Rodney King, can’t we all just get along?”

(Thanks, Booker! Hopefully these women listen to wrestling podcasts.)

Wanna see Nicki/Cardi B dust-up? Here it is.

Brad ask Booker about Mac Miller’s untimely death.

“He died yesterday from a drug overdose. He was a talented guy.” Booker continues, “This kid was so freakin talented, but you could tell he was wasted, in a lot of his music. A lot of talented people have defects. I watched him this morning and he was so talented. It was an overdose.” Brad mentions other rappers who have also gotten caught up in or died this year because of drugs. “It’s prevalent in the culture. I am about the same age as Mac Miller. I’m afraid kids will be influenced by this sort of stuff.”´

Booker says that they will be influenced and that’s a part of life. “It’s the evolution of human beings. Not that we shouldn’t say don’t do it.”

“People talk about the death rate in Chicago. It’s true. A lot of kids that come from that environment are born into a situation where their parents are using drugs. How does he (Mac Miller) end up in a situation where he ends up overdosing on drugs? We can’t just say he was a drug addict and leave it at that. Like Amy Winehouse, when this happens these kids come from something. Being that young and going through that, I equate it to how they grew up. You don’t see Vanilla Ice going through this. He probably had a good childhood.” Booker speaks in a serious solemn tone here.

(No other wrestling podcast in the world would have a segment about the dangers of young people abusing drugs.)

Both guys send Mac Miller off with hopes that he rests in peace.

(It’s always sad to see a talented young life wasted and gone.)

UFC 228

Brad feels this is a one fight show.  Booker says these shows should really just be UFC Fight Nights, anytime someone drops out. Valentina Schvchenko and Nicco Montano has been called off because of health concerns, regarding, Montano’s kidneys. Montano got stripped of her Flyweight Championship.

Brad asks, “Do you think she should have been stripped?”  “No. It should not have happened. But she should not be fighting Schvchenko anyway, who is tough and will beat Montano simply because it’s good for ratings. It was a mismatch from the beginning!” Booker says.

Brad says this title means nothing because of how this played out.

Booker feels Montano should be glad this fight did night happen. In fact, Booker would hope the same. He doesn’t want any of what Schvchenko is selling.

If you are familiar with this podcast you already know Booker is no fan of Dana White.

“A real jewel, this guy is. Give me a reason for stripping the title from Nicco. This guy is a real jewel. He talks about “She’s stripped! She’s stripped!” Booker snickers incredulously, “This guy has no class.” Brad completely agrees.

They then go in on White for the constant hate he sends Tyrone Woodley. White referenced that Woodley has had opportunities to be a star, but he always shoots himself in the foot. Booker says “He’s mad because this guy is not setting around like other guys doing nothing.” Brad co-signs, “He is doing things. He just worked with Denzel. He’s doing well for himself!”

Booker wonders, “Why was that okay for Ronda but not Tyrone?”

Brad tells the cold hard truth and says Dana just wants Darren Till to beat Woodley so he can get rid of him.

Brad predicts Woodley will do it again. Booker agrees.

Tyrone Woodley is fighting Darren Till at UFC 228.

Spoiler alert!!

Tyrone Woodley ended things for Darren Till in the second round. He cut his lights off with a choke. The champ now has more defenses than any other active fighter in the UFC.

Spoiler alert over

Before the Final Bell:

Booker thanked Big Cass again for calling in last week. Book feels some were too hard on this young man, who is just trying to fix a mistake, he owns up to.

He begins to tell a story about the one time he got fired. Booker and his boys wanted to hit up some girls, but he had to work. So he pretended to be his Mom and called his job at Fiesta over at South Park, and told them her son could not come in. “He’s so sick”, he/she said. Mister Basstein told her son to pick up his final check. Booker formally apologizes to Mister Basstein for letting him down all those years ago. He owned up to it. Just like Big Cass.

Before the Final Bell part 2:

Booker says he may have to show up at ALL IN 2!

Score: 7.5 out of 10

Overall Observations:

This was a fun show. Not too short and not too long. I enjoyed the real mix of topics this week. The guys covered a lot of topics and did it briskly.

See ya next week!

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