RECAP AND REVIEW: Notsam Podcast with the Undisputed Era on if they expected to end up in WWE together, the IIconics on moving up to the main roster, do they ever feel their entrance doesn’t work? Samoa Joe on the wrestler who is an angry gamer (EP. 205)

NotSam Podcast

Release Date: September 27, 2018

Recap By: James Hayes


From The Empire State, Sam welcomes you to the show!

Sam was invited to The WWE Performance Center by WWE along with several other media types to sample the new 2K19 game and conduct a few interviews to that end. The game comes out October 5th.

Sam grabbed The Undisputed Era before they ran off to a live show. They were very busy, but of course, they made time for The Last Professional Broadcaster.

The Undisputed Era

What’s it like being in the 2K game?

“Awesome! I’m a massive video game fan. This is awesome we just beat up Roman Reigns.” Adam Cole exclaims!

Did they expect to end up together in WWE?

Cole says, “As it was happening we thought, cool we will all end up in the someplace, but I did not think Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, and Roderick Strong would end up together and running shop around here.”

Their thoughts on WWE Ranking them in The Top 10 Factions.

“That’s exactly where we should be. I am confident of where we are and I believe we will get higher and higher. To see that was cool. It was kind of motivating to move up that list.”

Is there a confidence factor because of past success?

“I think it does. Just to know… Obviously, I want to make sure I can do this as long as I can. Here is where I want to do it. But it is comforting to know we have been successful outside of here. And because of The Performance Center, we know that there is life after wrestling. We could become coaches, or producers, or agents.” , Adam Cole says.

Is there an Undisputed Era group text?

Bobby Fish confirms, “There is.” (That is a sign they are all real friends.)

Undisputed Era entrance

Sam’s favorite female faction in the WWE has stopped by to chat.

The IIconics

Did 2K capture their entrance?

Billy Kay answers, “It was one hundred percent. Not 99.9, but one hundred percent. It was so surreal.”

Do they ever feel that doing everything together could stunt their growth?

In unison, they say, “No.” Peyton Royce goes further, “We had that opportunity to in NXT to find ourselves, and I did not feel like a complete Peyton Royce, without my Billy. This is how it should be and how I always want it o be.” Billy backs her up, “And vice versa.”

(Let’s see how they feel a couple of years from now when WWE inevitable decides to push one over the other. Remember The Rockers and how loyal they were until Vince chose Shawn Michaels?)

What happens when your entrance doesn’t work?

I’ve never felt that, to be honest. Every time we go out there we get the reaction we are after. And often times the crowd is very vocal about their dislike towards us. I feel like no, The IIconics have a message and you’re going to hear it, whether you want to or not.” Billy Kay responds. You are becoming a better person by listening to us,” Peyton believes.

What’s the biggest difference since moving to the main roster?

“A lot more travel. There was a lot of travel in NXT but, we got to sleep in our own beds most nights. We travel a lot but we are each other’s home, so it’s easy.”, Peyton answers. Billy Kay then adds, “The biggest thing for me was live television. In NXT everything was taped. We had never done a live talking segment. First time ever was our debut. It was the first SD after Wrestlemania. We had not been on tv for four months. We hoped we get a reaction and think god we did.”

Will you guys ever split up?

“Nope! Nope! Nope! We refuse. We want to be together.” Peyton Royce says with conviction.

Stadium show in Australia vs Evolution?

“They are so different. In Millbrae, there will be 100,000 people and we will be back home, so we will feel very proud. It’s going to be so emotional just walking out. Whereas Evolution is a team effort and a milestone in our career. It’s super special just to be involved with all the people there. They are both just very different.”

IIconics debut

Enough with the jokes, good times bring on The Samoan Submission Machine!

Did Joe spend any time in The Performance Center?

“I have no ties to this place. I spent no time here. This is where they try to build people to be better than me and they fail. Every time. I shouldn’t say that. Actually, I do, I come down for TV and creative. Sometimes they bounce stuff off me. They have open brainstorming sessions. It’s cool. It’s a good environment. ”

Has he learned anything new at The Performance Center?

“How little Matt Bloom actually does. He’s more of a tyrant. No, he’s awesome. He and Sarah are great. It’s more production stuff. There were ideas about how we film stuff. I had an idea about it but did not really know. This place is great and if you can’t find the support you need, then there was not much to support anyway.”

How did you feel about your match with A.J. at Summerslam?

“It was fun.”

Was it a risk to end with a disqualification?

“If you are going to go bad make sure it goes all the way bad. That was my thought. It resonated.”

Are you afraid of getting heat?

“Nope. I’m reasonably intelligent and I understand my actions are what get me heat. I don’t look in a fire hose and expect not to get wet. If you are worried about getting heat and pissing people off go back to dentist school.”

You are likable. Do you worry about convincing people you are actually bad?

“No. People are simple. They are fickle. It just takes the right phrase.”

Is Samoa Joe an angry gamer?

“Do you mean am I an A.J. gamer? No. He is ridiculous. Wendy has to hold it together. She is struggling so hard to keep that family together during this difficult time. No, the games are made to be fun. I have fun.”

Was Joe happy to do this interview?

“When they force me I try to accommodate.”

Sam and Samoa Joe’s last interview

State of Wrestling

5. Lana and Milwaukee

The Lana, Aiden, and Rusev storyline is like a soap opera, but this thing works. Aiden English matters for the first time in years. Sam picks apart theories about what could have happened on that fateful night.

Also, Sam has big praise for the whole show, especially that great cliffhanger of an ending.

4. Joey Janela

The Bad Boy had a tragic accident last week. His knee buckled in a match against Psicosis. It was brutal. The guy does not even have health insurance. Let’s hope Joey gets better soon.

(Janela said it could be up to 9 months before he makes it back.)

3. R-Truth

The rebirth of Ron Killings has been amazing. (Agreed.)

2. Raw Ratings

The show had historically bad ratings this past week. Sam breaks it down.

1. Brie Bella injured Liv Morgan on Raw

Sam list the reasons behind Brie’s accidental KO of Liv Morgan. He admits he is biased, but he still holds her accountable for her botches. He also has an intriguing idea for how to use Brie’s heat to create a new movement in WWE.

You will have to download the whole podcast to hear it.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Overall Observations:

Great interviews from everyone especially The IIconics. They were surprisingly funny and charming. The ladies were the highlight of the show. That says a lot because Joe is also on this show.

See ya next week!

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