Talk is Jericho – Gary Cherone (Oct. 21, 2015)

GUEST: Gary Cherone
DATE: October 21, 2015


By Jor Howes, Reporter

Subjects covered with time stamps

00:00 – Advertisements/ intro

03:16 – The new Star wars trailer

14:20 – Advertisements

17:31 – Introduces Gary Cherone and talks about his new band Hurtsmile.

23:02 – Speaks about his brother and growing up in Boston.

28:15 – The music of his main band Extreme

32:40 – 25th anniversary of their album ‘pornographitti’

40:09 – The video for “more than words”

43:00 – the 1992 concert for Freddie Mercury

50:08 – Advertisements

52:55 – Gary being one of the three singers for Van Halen. How he got into the band.

56:41 – His audition/ appreciation for sammi’s voice

1:02:35 – His only Van Halen record and the tour that followed

1:09:14 – Gary’s style of front man compared with the others in Van Halen

1:15:10 – Hurtsmiles new record and their gigs

1:18:02 – Wrap up/ advertisements

Podcast Highlights

– Jericho discusses the brand new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakened. Y2J gives his thoughts around the trailer it’s self and analyses why he believes certain characters are included/ intentionally not included. We find out his thoughts on J.J. Abrams and what he thinks the new film will be like. Finally he lets us into some fan theories about the where abouts of Luke Skywalker and why he isn’t present in the trailer.

– Gary speaks fondly about the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness in 1992 in which his band, Extreme, played a medley of Queens greatest hits in front of a packed Wembley stadium. He also lets us into how it felt joining Queen on-stage and how that concert impacted his career. There a few stories included about legendary rock stars including Roger Daltrey and his dealings with them during this gig.

– The pair discuss how Gary got involved with Van Halen. Gary lets us in on how he became the third singer, which of the previous two’s vocal style he preferred and his relationship with the band now. They talk song writing, being on the road and how each affect the dynamics of a band. The cap off which chronicling the ways each singer contributed to the band due to their contrasting styles.

Review & Score

(3.0): Unfortunately there was nothing extreme about this edition of Talk is Jericho. Despite the fluidity of the interview in comparison to some editions, this episode lacks the star power and showmanship that you would hope from an ex-Van Halen frontman.

Although Gary speaks fondly of his time in Extreme, Van Halen and Hurtsmile but does not offer a great deal of insight that casual fans may appreciate. This episode is very niche from start to finish. If you are a big Star Wars fan listen to the Star Wars section. The same goes for each band Gary has been involved with. There is very little for passing listeners and the exchange between guest and host doesn’t pack the punch of previous efforts. It sounded clear to me that Y2J wasn’t speaking with the love and affection of the music like he would for KISS as an example. Sometimes a good podcast needs more than words…and this episodes proves it.

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