We Watch Wrestling #119 (Dec. 9, 2015)

RELEASE DATE: December 9, 2015


Report by Steven Ganyo, PWPodcast reporter


– Matt: Look at the Diva’s revolution…
Tom: I don’t want to. You can’t make me do that, Matt.

– “He’s beloved, and they keep shuffling him out there every week. Except for the week where they make fun of his dead kid.” – Matt, on Ric Flair

– Do you want me to leave? – Tom

– Tom: No, it’s like that Weezer song…
Matt: Hashpipe? I think you’ve been hitting yours.

– Instead of circumsizing, they just cut his right ear off. – Vince, relating Matt’s new son Jack to Cactus Jack.

– And when he said ‘What is that,’ he wasn’t talking about the recorder. Matt had his penis out. – Tom, reporting on Matt’s fast food adventure

– I left to rock a piss and then I was like, ‘Why is it still in the ring’ when I was done, because I had a Steange Brew-level type deal…
Vince, flashing back to his PWG BOLA experience.


This week, the boys talk the state of the WWE, open more gifts from WWW listeners, resurrect the Who’s Your Favorite Wrestler drive through game, and more!


*We Intro The Show*

*We Talk The State Of The WWE* – 04:35-17:20

*We Get Gifts From The Listeners* – 17:20-32:30

*We Watch Wrestling: Man On The Street* – 32:30-1:04:35

*We Look At Wrestling Trading Cards* – 1:04:35-1:08:35

*We Watch PWG and TLC This Weekend* – 1:08:35-1:25:15

*Who’s Your Favorite Wrestler?* – 1:25:15-1:34:40


After a brief intro, the boys dive into this week’s show talking WWE. They start with the abysmal quality of Raw lately, including Adam Rose’s new spot as Vince McMahon’s mouthpiece, the non-existent Divas revolution, and trotting out Ric Flair with Charlotte every week. Then they break down this week’s episode, wondering why Tommy Dreamer and Braun Strowman were in the semi-main slot, and could the final Reigns-Sheamus segment have possibly gone any longer?

Next, Matt received another big shipment of gifts from the listeners and brought them with to open on the show. Vince fills some time with a good Mid-South anecdote he saw on the network while Matt gets situated. This time, the boys’s haul includes a Jesse Ventura picture disc record, some Tanahashi key chains, and a King Of Wrestling trading card game from a listener in Japan who found a NJPW shop, WCW trading cards, a couple wrestling books and magazines, and more.

From there we jump into a rare but recurring segment in which Matt goes to various fast food joints around town and randomly asks the employees who their favorite wrestler is. He records their answers to play on the show and Tom and Vince try to guess who they’ll say. It’s interesting how multiple people will immediately say “I don’t know” or “I don’t watch wrestling,” but with a little coaxing they’ll be able to come up with at least Stone Cold, The Rock, or John Cena. Other more unique answers include Haystacks Calhoun and Martha Villalobos. It’s a really fun segment that they call their Christmas present to the listeners since the listeners give so much to them.

Speaking of those giving listeners, the boys take a second to flip through some of their new WCW trading cards. Lots of Flairs, Stings, and Sids in this batch.

The boys then jump from trading cards to event cards, breaking down their upcoming wrestling-filled weekend. They’re attending PWG’s All-Star Weekend event on Friday and Saturday so Matt read off the matches for each night. The cards feature names such as Chuck Taylor, Michael Elgin, Roderick Strong, and a tag match between The Young Bucks and Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa. From there they transition to the TLC card, quickly running through each match with less enthusiasm than they did the PWG cards. Matt notes that Barrett and Rusev should be the tag champs because everyone in the League of Nations should have championship gold.

Who’s your favorite wrestler? This week, Tom likes Owen Hart because he loved the preview of the new Owen documentary on the network. Matt argues that the DVD is exploiting Owens death and Tom just thinks he would’ve liked to hang out with him because he seemed like a fun guy.

Vince’s favorite is Ted DiBiase because he’s been watching him in Mid-South Wrestling on the network. Speaking of the network vault, Matt notes that the Stampede wrestling episodes that were recently added were even more recently removed because Bret Hart owns that footage and asked to have them taken down. Vince goes on to expound the virtues of Mid-South and Matt explains why it was so much better than today’s Raw product.

With only 44 seconds left on the show clock, Matt suddenly realizes it’s almost over and names Taurus from AAA as his favorite. Matt explains that he was recently in Mexico and happened upon AAA’s TV show where he saw Taurus. And with that, the show was over.


10/10: If this week’s show had only been the half hour segment of Matt’s drive through game, this would have been 10 out of 10. The other hour was just gravy.

The funny thing was, I was daring to be sour about yet another gift opening segment until Matt flipped it on me and turned it into his Christmas gift to the listeners, the drive-through game. So much fun to listen to. This show has been hitting a great stride lately.

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